Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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As I have always said, I never applied for the Buna job. I always saw it as a mission. Literally. I really was never happy there, oh, I liked many of the students, and many of my fellow teachers, but there was just something not right about my experience there.
It seemed to be a battle my entire time there. It was like the district just wanted to stay stuck in 1955, and in many ways that is good.....and bad. I will never forget the day I discovered my US Flag only had 48 stars. It never looked right until I discovered the 6x8 lines of stars....I left it rather than recognize Alaska and Hawaii. I figure the Governor in Juneau wouldn't mind.
There are going to be massive changes in Buna over the next few years. There is going to be a huge retirement, resignation this year from the high school. I do not think the school will recover. It may in time, but the few good teachers left will have a hard time in fighting for the cause. Many of those left will soon retire and find other positions. You need to take a hard look and ask why now?
Here is the part you might want to look at.....If I had a younger kid I would seriously look at moving and not sending the kid (s) to Buna. There is going to be such a drain in faculty in the next few years I see the education going down. It's hard to get people to come and teach in Buna, even with the "so called" recession. Sadly, Buna just doesn't pay enough to attract good people and those who have potential leave as soon as they are offered a better paying job. The district was lucky in that they had Bunatonians ( or is it Bunanites?) who are willing to stay and give the district a "local discount" in order to teach at home. Is the next generation going to continue doing this when they can teach in another district for more money and less responsibilities?  Most will not. Why work in a district whose pay is No. 818 out of 1026 state wide districts.It's all going to be look at our test scores and the kids in truth will be like the kids from Ozen, Deweyville, WOS. Not prepared for the next step in life.
If the 5th of the so called lawsuits against the state passes, and there is a voucher system, maybe there needs to be a private school set up in town, or established as a South Jasper County school with the actual promise of a good education. Who knows, maybe I'll come out of retirement.

Here we go.....

Thought if I would ever blog it would be something maybe academic in nature....maybe on a pet area I like such as the English Reformation. A blog that maybe 2 people in the world would read. Who knows, maybe no one will read this site?