Thursday, October 19, 2017

This Goes Under- You Can't Make This Up

You know, I am libertarian enough to believe you should be happy in life.... whatever, you go for it.

But you know, sometimes I got to go, you know, some stuff just don't make no sense.

I see that the Nov-Dec edition of Playboy magazine will have their first transgender Playmate.

Now, I am not sure what all they will show if the Playmate is post-surgical, pre-surgical....just what?

Playboy has not not been relevant for years. Especially since the invention of the internet.

The magazine was a big seller back in the "day" to teenage boys, and I don't see this being a hit for any male....I don't know, maybe it will be, but personally, no.

You gotta ask, " What the hell are you thinking Playboy?' Desperate times calling for desperate measures? 

The American Church

I am friends with a lot of people on here. Some of you I feel closer to than my own extended family. ( I got too many relatives)

Say what you want, the church in America is dead. Oh I know you say well I go every weekend or every day the doors are open, but it isn't like that for everyone.

The church is something many people now avoid. Including the writer of this blog.

At one time I was one of those people who was there every time the door was open. Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesdays, every revival, every meeting...whatever.

I am lucky if I go now for Christmas and maybe Easter. ( Actually, we will be in County Cork in 2018, and if we are, St. Anne's for Easter.)

And even at the holidays I walk out going, " What just happened?" " Where was Jesus?"  Has what I have been taught all my life  " Once Saved, Always Saved" actually just another story? Maybe I lost my soul and its salvation somewhere along the road?

But then I realize, " No, I have not." I still pray on a regular basis. I still feel close to Christ.

I see this hated when I attend.

Gays, people that are not lily white, anyone not "conservative" enough. ( I remember when the goal of the Baptists was missions to the Latino community is South Texas....well they got afraid of Mexicans or as they would say, " Meskins"...I think they were seriously afraid the Latino community would become a power player within the Southern Baptist Convention. )

I see that First Baptist Church of Dallas, the late W.A. Criswell's church, the " power" church of the Southern Baptists in Texas is having Sean Hannity as there guest speaker this coming Sunday.

Never mind Hannity is Catholic(and I have said, there will be more Catholics in heaven than a long number) But Hannity is a conservative political commentator.

It's over.

Millennials no longer attend church like they once did. They see church for what it is, or perhaps what it has become.

70+% of Americans call themselves 'Christians.' About 30% attend church on a regular basis.    

We go to church for entertainment.

We go to church for political, business reasons.

Maybe it's time to tear them down and just start over?

It is going to die otherwise....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

So, We're Still Doing This

And we have done this all over America for years now. And in truth, it shouldn't really shock you.

A school in Mississippi has been Harper Lee's classic book, " Kill To a Mockingbird." 

A member of the board said it was banned due to the theme's within the book, especially the sexual nature of the book.

I can see it being banned and parents upset by it in the 8th grade. ( the grade the book was banned)

But you know, as much as I hate to say this, 8th graders in this day and age know a great deal more than we care to realize.

I know some people are upset because the word " N*gg*r" is used 50 times in the book, but if you read the word, the term is never used in a in a "positive" sense. The book shows why the word is hurtful, spiteful, mean. The book was set in 1930s Alabama and was released in 1960. Lee won a Pulitzer Prize for the book.

The question is this, if my child was in the class and the book was on the reading list, would I be upset?

No. It is an American classic.  It shows what the South was like in the 1930s. And sadly, in many cases, what the South is still like today.

Books upset people in this country from time to time.

Many times, the banning is lead by a religious person. Often to make themselves important or to improve the donations to their cause(s).

Look, the Canterbury Tales, Moby Dick, Harry Potter books, The Jungle( which I often read from in class), are among the books banned.

But there is always someone unhappy, always wanting their children protected....I guess they have not walked down the hall of most schools in America?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So, I Caught Hell Yesterday

I shouldn't have been surprised....I really shouldn't.

A lot of people see stuff that, well, just isn't there. They really don't.

I caught hell about my blog concerning "Sexual Harassment" from both sides yesterday.

Two people were all upset saying that being sexually harassed was a " female thing" as one person put it.

Well, you know, when someone puts there hand on my crotch in a work-setting and I have no interest in that person, well, it is sexual harassment. Don't care if they are female or male. Doesn't matter if the person doing the " grabbing" is male or female.

Then, two people wrote and told me that they thought it was some sort of " Liberal Bullshit" that woman are complaining about being sexually harassed.

I assume they are okay with their wives or their daughters being "hit-on" or grabbed constantly at school or the workplace that they " shouldn't dress so sexy" or they shouldn't " look so good."

You know, the two who wrote me the later messages call themselves Christians. The older I get, the less Christian I see people in this nation. I seriously wonder if they've read the Gospels,  or actually have paid-attention to what is going on in church...

Everything is political now.....everything. Especially our religion....

I need to write a blog on American Christianity....make everyone mad.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I Have Never Told This Story

I don't think I have told this story before.

There is a request by people to put on their Facebook site the words. #metto.

It is suppose to be for females only, but trust me, it happens to both sexes.

I have had my "junk" grabbed by a female co-worker before. I have also been "hit-on" by a person of authority. Of my sex.

Neither did I want. Nor did I feel I could say anything.

And trust me, Kerry D. Thomas is a lot of things, a sex symbol is not one. 

In the case of the authority figure, it would be my word against, theirs. I got myself out of the situation. I was able to do so. ( And many times people are not able to do so.)

In the co-worker, I did not want them to be fired. ( If you understood the circumstances, well, other people would have been hurt.)

I sucked it up and went on. Wasn't happy about it.

Now that doesn't mean you should. Especially in this day and age.

But the sexual harassment goes both ways. And it is not welcomed by many men either, contrary to popular belief.

So, #metoo isn't just for females.

Making an Assumption

I know we have gone over this before. I know I have.

But when you ASSUME, there is often the chance that you will make an ASS out of U and especially ME.

I went to the 3rd Circle of Hell this morning as Mattison Witt calls it, the Walmart in Vidor and ran into a person whom I think was my former student.

They looked familiar. But I am pretty sure they are not friends on social media, I don't think, and they spoke to me like they had not seen me in years. And in truth, it might be 20+ years since I have seen them.

We talked for 10 minutes and I walked away...not a clue who they were.

Please, I  have taught 3000+ students in my 30+ years of teaching, well, sorry, 30 years later, we all look, different.

So, if I run into you, help me out.

In truth, I am not all certain I even taught the person I spoke to this morning.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Hit Rock Bottom

Yesterday  I started working on getting the house " in shape" for the kid's visit . It's coming quick.

So, Frankie and Mike decided that they needed to start making the house look a little more presentable. And started to straighten, started to chunk crap we've accumulated over the last 36 years. 

I started working in the kitchen on a project and put the TV on English football ( soccer) for the uninformed, but soon changed the channel, because I started watching the matches. 

I wound up on Showtime, which had on the biggest White Trash mess I have ever seen. 

"Shameless. "

I am pretty sure I may have condemned myself to hell because I couldn't change the damn channel. 

I would work, watch TV, work, TV...and Shameless was an all day marathon. 

If this goes for TV and it has been on for several years, we, including me, are in trouble. 

Nekkid folks, sex, drug use, alcoholism, ne'er-do-wells, just a salute to White Trash-ism.

I don't know, maybe I shouldn't expect any better?