Friday, December 9, 2016

Shooting and Killing School

So, I often wonder what goes on at schools in America. I really do, I guess, well, I guess I will always wonder "what the world is going on in the classrooms?"

Yesterday, I see a video out of Reno, Nevada in which the school police officer shoots a kid holding what looks like a machete and he's waving it around like a mad man. The officer shoots the kid to disable him.

Normally, you are holding a gun or a knife or a bat, and your ass gets shot by a cop, well, you deserve it.

And I agree with this one....except, if you look at the video, the kid is surrounded by dozens of high school age kids.

Say what you will, high school kids don't use good sense. And don't say otherwise. I know, I was in that world most of my life.

I could see the cop missing and hitting a "standing around" kid, I can also see a round going through a kid and hitting a kid.

Another question I have is this....Has bullying gotten so bad at school our kids are now carrying weapons....they are taking their own lives? Has social media gotten this bad? ( I know it's pretty damn bad....but this bad?)

Look, there was bullying when I was in school. Hell, some of the worst bullying I ever saw was in college. ( I need to write about college...)

But I wonder about today's schools. What the hell is going on?

And folks, I hate to tell you this, but school doesn't do the best for everyone. It tries. Lord knows we try, but for a number, we miss. ( I understood this, you really, really had to " fuck up" for me not to graduate you.)

But I wonder what schools will look like....5, 10, 20 years from now?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

COLD! COLD! COLD! COLD!!!!!???!!!

Okay, I know I have been jumping up and down about the coming cold and I hope the models are totally wrong about this...that said, it could be cold, very cold...and we are talking about cold out near the Christmas Eve time period.

It has been a while since we have had a really miserably cold holiday period and this might be it.

Anyway, watch Weather Bell's Joe Bastardi's daily clip on the cold this morning. It is down towards the bottom of the page. It is the video to the left.

The American GFS weather model had the temps 21-22F this morning around Christmas. 

12 Noon model for Christmas Eve.

Not Sure How to Title This....2 Items....

I am not sure how to approach this blog, I really am not.

When i got into this blog, I got into it as sort of an outlet, and well, things sort of happened I had not planned upon.

In the last 24 hours I have had a discussion with a person and everything I learned in my 60 years of life, my education at the seminary, well, I was not prepared for it.

I even looked in some books I had on counseling from seminary and they were so worthless,  so " out of the real world" I tossed them in the giant trash can to be picked-up when the garbage truck runs later this week.

There's one thing I learned about seminary, it did not help me prepare for much of anything in the " real world." For me, it really didn't.

I ask this humbly, remember me in prayer. I ask that I don't mess up. That is my greatest fear.

Second, there are a couple of people who keep after me keep telling me I need to set up "shop" and start holding worship services.

It's not going to happen.

I just don't have the temperament for the position/field.

I know the people who think I need to do it because I see this whole theological world as more of a "grace" rather than a "works"  sort of "deal."

But the actual doing it, well, I am afraid I would do things just to "piss-off" other churches and denominations....Well, I already do that....I need to get on those Calvinistas again...

But the first part, please, pray for me, that I just don't mess-up.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

75 Years Ago. " A Date That Will Live in Infamy. "

Dec. 7th will always be remembered in the United States, it was the date the Japanese Empire attacked the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

It was a sneak attack and the Japanese Embassy did not get the War Declaration  to the US Government before the attack took place.

For my parent's generation, where they were and what they were doing when they learned of the attack, just like people of my age remember  they were doing when they heard about the JFK Assassination, or when people heard of the Challenger Disaster or when people learn about the 911 Attack.

Today, if you will, remember the Veteran's of the Second World War. Specifically, the Veterans of Pearl Harbor....( Yes, there are still Pearl Harbor Veterans still alive and several are going to Pearl Harbor for the ceremony later today.)

And especially the men who gave the ultimate sacrifices, today 75 years ago today.( And men of the USS Arizona are still with their ship at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Man, This is Harder to Figure Than Chinese Arithmetic

Now that I have made 1.3 billion people mad at me, I will explain.

So, I sort of was watching the Giants, Steelers game and found myself rooting for the Steelers. ( That should make Jesse Kirkendall happy)...well, sort of was watching the game. I was actually surfing the web looking at Christmas Holidays for school districts ( Or Winter Holidays as some of the large urban school districts call them, or Mid-Year Holiday Break as a school near San Antonio calls it.)

The holiday period is all over the place.

Some schools get out for the holiday Dec. 16th and return to school, Jan. 2. Some Jan. 3rd.

Other schools get out Dec. 21 and they return Jan. 9th.

Many of the schools in the Panhandle and Far West Texas do not get out of school until Dec. 23rd, and there is no " Early Release"...the kids literally have to hurt in order to beat Santa Claus to the house.

Some schools get out for 12 days. Most for the traditional 2 weeks or 10 days off.

There were even some schools that are only out for 9 days. One 8 days.

I understand that most, if not all schools in Texas end the First Semester at the Christmas Break, but to a person who spent most of their career teaching 1 semester courses, this really mess up the curriculum.

In many districts the First Semester was 78 days. The Second Semester, 95 days. 3 + weeks difference. That meant, for the classes you taught in the Spring had 3 extra weeks of material you had to come up with. ( There was always 1 economics class in the Fall and 1 Government class in the spring, just in case someone failed in the Fall, that way they did not have to attend night school in another district in an attempt to pick it up in order to "walk" with the rest of the class.)

Now I know, the " minutes" system have replaced the days system in Texas, but still, the semesters change and classes in high school change in the New Year....but, the two weeks holidays are as varied as the State.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Don't Care....Don't Care

For years, I have tried to figure out how this was associated with the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

If I was 13-14 years old, I am sure I'd figure out a way to a way to watch it, but then, with the mess on the internet, it actually is pretty mild.

The Victoria's Secret ladies will run around in your underwear on TV while wearing wings and other equally ridiculous items will be on network TV tonight.

No, I won't be watching. No, I won't be taping the show.

Every one of the girls need a sandwich.

Maybe I have gotten old, and I tried to watch it once several years ago and lasted about 5 minutes.....Boring.

My question however is this.....why is this a Christmas program? Lingerie for under the tree? Isn't that more of a Valentine's Day type gift? And in reality when a guy gives a girl sexy underthings, isn't  it really a gift the guy is giving himself?

I just don't get it...The Baby Jesus and sexy match bra and panty set....Am I missing something?

Over....And Over.......And Over....And Over Again....

So, I keep thinking that this mess would end, but it hasn't. If anything, it is getting worse and longer.

I am like the guy from Denham Springs who keeps driving his truck to Waco every night.

I've gotten into rut....

My dreams every night, for at least 2 weeks now, I have done nothing but teach school. All damn night.

Or what seems like all night.

Last night I took Jake Arredondo into the hall and was chewing his ass out. I'm not sure what Jake had even done. I took a look around turned back, and Jake had " run off."  A teacher who I had taught with in Magnolia ISD looked at me and said " let him go, the Shore Patrol will catch him."

Anyway, not sure why I am in a rut. Most of the lessons I have taught were about stuff I did not have a clue what I was talking about. But the class understood.

One night Tara Laramore who was my student teacher was singing to the class, " What a Friend We Have in Jesus." I hummed the song the rest of the day after I woke up.

One night, the entire class started crying. It was an Honor's class. The only thing I could figure was my lessons really sucked.

Anyway, I need some sort of dream change....or no dreaming at least that I remember....