Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Tradition....Gone....

So, those of us who were in the old 3A UIL Academic Regional trips will remember our trips to Brenham.

The trip just was not complete without a stop at the Country Inn #2 for what was termed " Big Meat."

A small sirloin was a 2-2 1/2 lb chunk of beef that just hung off your plate. A large was was folded in two on your plate.

These were steaks for the hungry. These were steaks for serious eaters.

And they were at a very reasonable price.

Today, I learn that the Country Inn #2 is closed.

It was a tradition for the UIL Academic team to eat the night before, fueling up for long day at Blinn College for the competitions.

If you went with us to the Blinn College Region trips, you'll want to take pause. One of the old traditions of the past is no more...

WHOA! Calm Down.....

Had someone call and thought I was actually shutting down the blog.

In truth, for the right price, I'd shut it down, but there has been no " buy-out" offers....and I do not see any actually coming. Heck, bump me uP to a couple of First Class round trip tickets to Edinbough, but even there, no one would even think of paying that...Like someone's going to do that...

The blogs not going anyplace. It's April 1 folks....

Well, You Knew This Day Would Come...

I always thought I'd get bored and quit the blog, but somethings come up and well, I am shutting the blog down.

In truth, it's been fun.

I've had an offer I can't refuse and I just won't have time to write anymore.

Just wanted to thank my readers over the years.

April Fools!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Once Again, Former Students...This is For You...

Received a link earlier....and I should have known better.

I don't care what you do on your own time. I really do not.

That said, if you are posting photos, well, be careful who you want to see them....maybe you do not care...

And it's nothing personal, but I do not care to see any of my former students, well, nekkid.

Maybe someone else does, but in my mind, I often still see you as a high school student, and I know you are all grown people now. Some of you have kids that are seniors in high school.

That said, please, if you come across a link with a classmate of yours....don't send it to me...

And do not ask me to send you the link...

I Didn't Intend.

I didn't intend for this blog to be so religious oriented...well, I intended to cover religion from time to time, well, of course, but it seems I've hit it too much lately.

And I've got a couple in the box upcoming...

That's said....lets talk about something frivolous...I need a break.

All Day Breakfast at Mc Donald's?

Crack-in-my-Ass has had breakfast at there restaurant for a number of years now. And to be honest, other than the tacos, the breakfast sandwiches are where it's at, at Crack's.

So, in San Diego, McDonald's is trying a limited all day breakfast. Saying that there are changes in the " American Eating Habits."

I am no longer a huge customer of fast food restaurants. Trouble is, the few times I want to eat there, I want breakfast foods, even at 4pm.

I'll be honest, I'd be interested in McD's offered pancakes and sausage at 7 in the evening.

Monday, March 30, 2015


So, there is a Meme going around saying that if you had a c-section that you are somehow not a " real" mother. Or less of a mother...

Look, this is a group that is either a massive "trolling" group or they are a cult.

And trust me, there are plenty of cults out there.

The organization in question has in the past suggested that females during their menstrual cycles go and live alone during those 7 days. Sort of like the Jewish Law suggested in Leviticus.

These are strange times we live in folks. Very strange times. The internet lets people and groups we would have never heard of in the past post whatever ideas they espouse openly and freely for all to read.

Once again, there are plenty of Westboro Baptist people running around...


This is by tradition, Holy Week in the Christian Calendar.

I may actually attend church a couple of times this I said, I have a more liturgy based view of worship in my life right now.

I will look for a local Methodist or Episcopal Church that will have a Maundy Thursday service and on Friday, will go to a church that will have a 3pm service on Good Friday. 3pm by tradition is the time Christ is said to have died.

My conundrum is on Sunday.

Is anyone doing either Joseph Hayden's " Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross?" Or is anyone locally doing G.F. Handel's Easter portion of " The Messiah?" ( " Worthy is the Lamb, that was slain.")

If not, I have to show up for a modern musical.

Sorry, not my cup of tea. I will go because someone I know and love is performing....

Anyway, if you are of the the Christian belief, let me suggest you attend a church service this is what the faith is all about.