Sunday, May 20, 2018

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to write a blog to tell my wife Happy Birthday!

It's her 29th birthday today, but we will have our 37 anniversary this August and our son turns 30 next month....

Must be that new Common Core math.

Happy Birthday! I love you! Thanks for putting up with me...( I will have known my wife for 40 years this September.)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Well, You Can Disown Me....

Well, many of you may delete or go ahead and disown me.

Just disavow I ever taught you government or economics....

Just be ashamed.

The transformation has taken place.

I drink one, maybe two cups of coffee now.  Use the machine Santa gave me for Christmas.

And then switch to a "cuppa" tea the rest of the day.

Not that sissy-fied English mess. Hardcore Irish stuff you've never heard of.

Barry's or what is now my personal favorite, Bewley's Dublin Morning Brew.

Have you a cup of that Dublin Morning, with just a " spot o'milk" that'll get your heart started.....I am expecting a shipment of Bewley's Afternoon Brew today, which is supposed to really get things jumping....

I'll understand if I shamed you.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Yeah, I Blame Us All

Me, you, the neighbor up the road.

We have gotten to the point that we all think our kid, or us, are better, somehow special than the rest of society.

We also think that want ever occurs, it must happen now. Immediate gratification. We can't see tomorrow.

High school for many folks is a horrid place. High school was awful for 34 years for me. The first 4 the worst. It is for a lot of kids. They don't fit in, they are not an athlete, they are not a musician. They may read poetry. They may be of a different faith, they may be smaller or bigger than normal. Or have an interest in an area that no one else on the campus knows about or cares about.  

I am not justifying what the kid(s) did.

But something has occurred. I know there is bullying. There always will be. Sorry, it just will occur.

But in the mentally of people have changed.

I am unhappy, I will kill you....and I'll find a way.

We also have this belief today that we are "someone special." My kid is going to play in the NFL. My kid is going to be the next Maestro of the MET.  My kid is going to be this or that.

In reality, they will get a job, go to work, pay their bills. And some folks today just never get over the fact their child isn't playing shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. We will be welders, or teachers, or boilermakers, or nurses, or cops, and we need to realize that. ( And I am not saying to not brag on your child doing something good.)  And be the best welder or teacher or whatever you can be....and sometimes you can do just so much.

And don't say it's a religion problem. I have seen religious kids abuse other kids, (even religious ones)  so much they lost their faith. ( There have been kids abused by people so much by other religious students, I helped find them counseling, they were suicidal....I have also tell a couple of stories, well, I just can't tell them.....someone will figure out who they were.....)

We got something wrong in this country.

I don't know the answer. But we got to figure it out.

Please, no comments

I'm Pissed

I know, I know, and I still plan to take some time off.

I'm tired, I'm depressed.

But, I keep seeing memes on Facebook bitching about schools and we need to teach this or teach that.

You know, we just have some much time to teach. Seriously.

You want more stuff taught? We need more time. I literally ran out of time to teach most classes.

We have kids 1100 hours a year. Mom and dad, you have them a little over 5000.

Now if you want to pay more in taxes, we can do what they do in China, go to school at 7 am.....and go until 10pm. Six days a week.

Every class like mine.....Times 5....

Homework until 2am every night. ( I saw a meme bitching about American homework)

They don't play over there.

They plan to have the biggest economy by 2019. And they might do it sooner.

Yes, they have more people, but they didn't get started on their version of capitalism until about 20 years ago.

Bitch all you want, but you want more stuff taught, you got to pay more and I have suggestions you will not like.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Exactam Eam

I am as the Romans would say, " exactam eam" this morning.

Perhaps this like everything is time limited.

 I don't know, I've been in a form of melancholy since we returned from Ireland.

Perhaps I am in such pain right now I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. ( Extreme heat 95+ for about 2 weeks hurts me horrifically until my body adjusts......even worse than the winter.)

I'm just tired.

I've had the blog since 2012. Longer than I expected. Who knows, perhaps a major event will occur that will revitalize me.  

At a minimum, I am taking some time off.

Thanks folks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Gubmint Lesson

We need a gubmint lesson.

I've seen people discuss this a few times on Facebook, so I decided to go here.

The electoral college.

This of course is the system by which US President is selected. It was added to try and keep the union together in the late 1700s.

The college gives electors to states by the number of people they have in the congress. Two Senators, plus all the members of the House. The least a state can have in 3 votes.

Here is the problem.

The electors mean that various state's voters, vote count more than other states.

Example. Wyoming has 3 electoral votes, or 1 electoral vote for 135,000 people.
                 California, which has a larger population or 1 electoral vote for 411,000 people.
                 Texas 1 vote for roughly 330,000 people.

This means compared to Texas, Wyoming has 2 times the vote, 3 times to California.

The electoral college also creates "Swing States" ( Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin) Candidates will spend most of their time in these states, ignoring the rest, assuming they will already vote for one party or another. 75% in the last election.

You also have to remember, not everyone votes for one candidate in each state. In California, 4.4 million voters voted for Trump, and in Texas, 3.9 million voted for Clinton. Not everyone in each state is

I know some of you think the rural areas should be more powerful than urban areas, but in reality, 80% of the population of the country lives in cities, and they account for that same 80% of the economy.

I know some of you think the Founding Fathers thought this was a good way to elect folks....these are the same who thought only White males over the age of 21 who owned land could vote. No Blacks, Asians, Latinos, women, Indians, etc could vote. And the amount of land owned was in question by state.....and in some states they pushed that Baptists, Quakers, Catholics, Jews should not be allowed to vote. It didn't pass, but it came close. ( James Madison championed religious voting rights)

40% of the last 5 presidential elections have been decided by the electoral vote, not by the popular vote.

Say what you want, Texas is changing. It is going to become purple, then blue in your life. ( Most of you are in East Texas, and Houston and the I-35 Corridor San Antonio to DFW is where most people in this state live. )

Perhaps it is time to look at the way the electoral college is counted.

If not, it is going to cause problems you can't even dream of in your lifetime. 

Maybe we need to look at changing the electoral college, make it more proportional, perhaps by state. Give electoral votes by percentage of the vote.
Or do something totally different.

Just something to think about-

And I Get This

I have gone into my mode of study my eye-balls out on China from now until the middle of September.

There is no way I can learn the Emperors over the last 4000 years, nor the political leaders of the 20th Century...Actually, I will learn the political leaders of the last 300 years, I just started.

At one time I could list all the Prime Ministers, and Kings/Queens of England, all the U.S. Presidents. in order.....I think I still can, but I am not on Jeopardy trying to win $50,000, so why bother.....

But, this is not what my blog today is about. ( Man, did I digress.)

In the last 24 hours, I received this....They pretty much dared me to put this on a blog.....

" Concerning you Christians....You expect me to respect an illiterate carpenter who died 2000 years ago, who you retarded think is the son of an omnipotent being, of which there is absolutely no evidence. Who loves us, but is prepared to burn us for all eternity in the flames of hell...for the sin of spying on the neighbor's wife in the hole in the fence. 
All documented by Bronze Age control freaks who hated homos and thought slavery was a great idea.....but they didn't know eclipses, or the tides, or bacteria, or the basics of aerodynamic theory. "

They concluded by saying the following.

" I will see you in hell, because I know you Christians have also been spying on your neighbor's wife through the fence." 

I started to write them back on faith and what it means.....but you know, sometimes you need to "leave it alone."  Just let it go.....I am not changing any hearts and minds here.....No matter what I say...

BTW- Bronze Age- Old Testament....Iron Age- N.T.