Friday, February 27, 2015

Information You Probably Will Never Need.

From time to time I am asked for my Email address....

I know there are a couple of people who do not Facebook or Twitter, and I send them a link to my blog...including a regular reader in of all places Delaware. Do not know the person, have never met them, but they like the blog...and we appreciate it.

So, if you need to send me an email, you want to cuss me out, or send me some information that is long and needs to be sent as an attachment.....I've had people ask me for my cell number and I am hesitant to give it out, however, if you ask, I may send it to you...

And if you'd like to send me a check or cash, American money, I'll send you an address for that. ;)

Anyway, here is my email for future reference.

White and Gold......Dammit

So,this dress that is going around.....and some people see white and gold and blue and gold and lavender and Gold and whatever....

I don't get it, and like an idiot I got involved. I wished I wouldn't have....

That said, it makes you wonder.....and I know some people get all bent out of whack thinking we need to think about something more serious all the time, that this blog should be serious...all the damn time...

Well, I'll be honest, we need stuff like this. It helps us forget our every day problems, if just for a few minutes.

I heard the owner of Rao's Bakery in Beaumont say his store was just that, a cookie and a coke helps you forget your problem, if only for a few minutes....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Now for Something a Little Different...Again....

One of my old college professors passed this week.

Naaman J. Woodland, was a Professor of History at Lamar. And had been retired for sometime. He was 88 years old.

His specialty was the Musical History of the U.S., and the the Progressive Era of America.

If you want to blame someone for my love of Theodore Roosevelt, it was he and the late Dr. Walter Sutton.

For some reason, he struck a nerve of interest of TR.....and I know, there are people in the radio industry who hate TR, ( Glenn Beck) and his Progressivism. You've got to remember it is TR and other Progressives who pushed the Food and Drug Act, passed Child Labor Laws, and got overtime pay for anything over 40 hours a week....but, if you took my class, I was amazed by T. Roosevelt.

For a while in my life,I was in, to borrow a phrase from Dustin Hoffman in " Little Big Man" my "religious phase " and almost named my son....." Naaman." ( still religious, just in a different better way, IMO.)

Naaman, was the Syrian General who was told my Elisha to wash 7 times in the Jordan River to cure is skin condition....The Jordan was a mud hole and it took faith for Naaman to root around in the mud for his cure...

Smarter heads at the Thomas Compound, which was then located on the South-side of Ft. Worth stopped me from naming him...and a compromise was reached with the name..." Reid."

I'm sure, our son is pleased at the compromise...

Happy 87th Birthday Fats!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Again...Pause to Think.....

This blog.....well, sometimes it shakes me.

I never know sometimes what I am going to write on, sometimes, the process is quite long.

Sometimes I am serious, sometimes, the blog is pure silliness.

I received a message this morning that really made me pause to think.

Sometimes, the blog is written and for some reason, it hits home really well/hard with one person....and you never know. You really don't.

I try not to take myself serious. I really do not, but as I said, I got a message this morning, you never know how how it is going to effect a person. This morning, it brought me to tears.

The blog on depression, well, it was a personal expression, a personal experience....well, when you write a blog, you really don't know how it is going to be received....

Babies in Hell....

I sometimes wonder if I am doing any good.

I really do.

Like an idiot, I got into a discussion, cussin' with a person on another site about babies and when they should be baptized.

It's one of the reasons why I do not discuss religion or politics privately with folks. Sometimes I do, but most of the time when I get a message I just ignore it.

One of the things that they were pushing for was the baptizism of infants.

Now, if it is one of the sacraments of your denomination, I do not have a problem with it. I have two nephews I love more than anything in this world who have been baptized as children.

That said, I don't think baptizism has anything to do with your salvation...( sorry, it's one of my old Baptist ideas that still hangs around.)

The person I discussed with is certain that the child needs to be baptized to be saved...and if they die, they are going to they said.." for the glory of God."

Wow.....just not pass go, do not collect $200....

I am sorry, I just do not think God sends children to hell. Espcially infants.. Even if their parents are not Christian.

Then again, I have a nutty uncle who wants to "fist-fight" some people when he gets to heaven....I figure if where he is, there are "fist-fights," it ain't heaven...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If You Ever Do This.....

As many of you know, I was all excited about my weight loss and the Cholestrol, blood sugar, etc difference it makes with a post I made yesterday on Facebook, in which I exclaimed " I am going to live forever!"

Trouble is you have to take the good with the bad.

When I was the old traditionally fat Mr. Thomas, I was hot all the time.

I have done a total 180.

I freeze all the time. Literally stay cold.

It was so bad yesterday when I visited the doctor to get my blood work report, I asked about it.....and he just laughed and said, it comes with losing several inches of fat.

Never before would I think I would say this....I now look forward to Spring.

That said....even with the near hypothermia that is now my life, I get to buy all of these neat Tweed 39-40R....and Brooks Brothers and Mercer and Sons makes so much more in this size....