Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Confession

I know you are not to make confessions during the Trinuum period.....( that's the three days before Easter) but I grew up Baptist and still believe confession of sins well, is good for the soul.

You know, there are just some folks I really do not like.

I don't like them so much if I were to see them I would be tempted to punch them in the mouth.....( don't worry, if you are reading this via Facebook, Twitter, it ain't you...)

I've tried to forgive them for what I perceive as their transgressions....I blame my DNA. My late Grandfather just didn't like some folks.....I guess we all don't.

So, in this time of prayer and reflection, I ask for your prayers that I do better....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nein Juden!

So, the pro-Russian local governments are starting to pass out fliers to have Jews register in the Eastern parts of the Ukraine.


Just WOW!

Shades of Kristallnacht.

Man, who will be registered next? Anyone not Orthodox? And there are Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals in the Ukraine.

Seriously folks, this is scary. This does nothing but make chills go up and down my spine. Shades of the Nazi Brown Shirts is all I can think of....

If it gets bad, I seriously can see Israel going to the Ukraine and getting their people. Seriously, and they'd blow stuff up to get in and get out....Don't think so? Look at Ethiopia and Uganda when their folks were being held there...I don't care if it's the Russians, if they think they're doing right, they'll do it...

You're Kidding Buna ISD

So, I was going to write a blog telling parents about the schedule for release at the Buna ISD....

I did this because I saw that the three school districts in Orange County who are making up bad weather days are having early release tomorrow.....Orangefield, Vidor, WO-S....

So, regular class hours on Good Friday at the Buna ISD....

If I were still teaching, I'd be giving a " Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" economics exam...

Nekkid On The Internet

So, there are two local high schools with sites, well there were sites, now taken down with pictures of nekkid high school age girls......within the last 24 hours...

West Brook and Hardin Jefferson.

Don't think it couldn't happen at Buna....or Evadale.....or Kirbyville.....or Silsbee.....etc...

I know the folks who generally read this site now are older than high school, but many of you now have high school age girls.

You seriously need to talk about them getting nekkid and taking pictures......if those photos wind up on the internet, they're there forever.

If they are posted once, it's all over, some goober has saved the photo for posting on another site later.

It's a different world folks from when many of us grew up....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can't Eat?

And it is not because we don't want to. And it is not because I am on a starvation diet.

This may go more to the ladies than the men readers of the blog.

I do most of the grocery shopping now that I am retired and I am amazed at the prices of food.

Pork, beef, shrimp are all at high prices and they are expecting even higher prices later this summer.

The beef herd in this nation is at one of its lowest levels in decades. Pork has an illness that causes diarrhea and it is expected to be at an all time high. Shrimp also has been attacked by an illness that has caused a 29% increase in prices. ( the hog illness is starting to infiltrate the feral hogs, so it makes you wonder how long before it hits the woods of East Texas? )

Vegetables are not immune. The drought in California is going to hurt huge amounts of crops. Mexican crops are also going to be diminished due to cold weather.

If this keeps up, not only will I have a garden this year, I am seriously going to look at putting a few cows back up at the farm.

There may be items you want to stock up on here in the coming weeks and store them for future consumption.

Winter Over?

Is the Winter of 13-14 finally over now?

We had our so called Easter Norther now.....

I had 35F here at the compound with frost on my roof this morning. I am about to go out and uncover all my plants.

Now watch, we'll have a " fires of hell" summer....

Dancin' Baptists

I went to a cantata last night at a Baptist Church.....It was okay I guess.....I am sort of an old fogey on church music and sort of like church music baroque era and earlier....and some of it was well, doctrinally questionable.

That said, it was was well performed. They had an orchestra.

At the end they play a song....

And they got up on the stage with about half the church and danced....literally danced.

You Baptists have changed since I was a kid.

I understand Miriam danced in Exodus 15 when they came out of the Red Sea, and Esslesiastes it says there is a time to dance....but dancing on stage after an Easter musical?

The dancing had nothing to do with the musical.

It sort of killed the had to see the looked like worms squirming around on hot coals...

We who grew up Baptist slipped around and danced, but we did it in sort of a revolutionary spirit. And there is a photo of me in a high school annual of me dancing....

But getting up on stage at church and dancing?

Maybe the Baptists will start putting real wine in the communion next?