Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hey, I'm a Hit.....In Asia???

I'll get back to more serious stuff on the blog sometime next week, or maybe well, whenever I feel like it....

So, I posted a photo of myself in a tweed coat, bow tie, and one of those flat caps I wear on a men's clothing site. They were discussing teacher/ professorial dress.

Well, I created a damn monster in Japan and Korea. They apparently love the " trad" look in certain parts of the Far East.

So, over the last several days, I've got notes from guys wanting to discuss my " style of dress" ....what the hell that means? And most are in such poor English, I really haven't got a clue what they're I thank them, and move on....

Man, I hope I didn't post my photo on the wrong site....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Special

I had not been to Beaumont in a while....

So, I went yesterday. Hit all my old second hand shops.

I may have lost too much weight. Seriously. Lost too much weight. I am now between a 39 and 40 R.

Everything on the racks were for " larger" men.

I found a blue with red check tweed coat from Nordstrom's at one of the shops in a size a "slim" size...and it was a short. It fit. I just couldn't see where I could wear it, or I would have gotten it.

The find of a day however was a 36R Harris Tweed suit, yes suit. Yes, size 36R. ( Damn skinny folks wear 36R suits.)

The suit was almost heavy enough you could ski in it.

Why that suit was in Beaumont, Texas is a mystery? It should be in a shop in like, Vermont.

It fit, well, a little tight.

On the way home from Beaumont, I got to thinking..."if I cut my caloric count to about 1200 calories a day and increased my exercise, I could get into the suit by Christmas. "

Then, I got to thinking....People will think one of two things...

1. I have a terminal illness.

2. I have embraced the " heroin chic" look....

And I thought to myself..." I've lost my fuckin' mind."

So, I had a couple of hot dogs last night.....with chili...

Friday, October 2, 2015

And...I Wonder...Was It Worth It???

I use to never really get cold.

For a while, my heater in my classroom quit, and well, I never got it fixed until some little pantywaist bitched and they came and fixed the DC3 sounding unit.

I don't know....the weight loss, the, well, hell, I've gotten old, whatever.

I am fricking freezing to death this morning.

I reached and pulled up the " dog blanket" from the bottom of the bed this morning. I put on a jacket when I went out this morning. ( Dog blanket, no dog here, it's called the dog blanket because, well it should be retired for the dog to sleep on years ago.....if we had one...)

Damn, I have become my grandparents....I wonder if I need to get an old propane heater like they had, and make the house like a blast furnace?

I now wonder...was the weight loss worth it?


I wonder why we have so many people who seem to think they have to have their " 15 minutes of fame" and kill a massive number of people?

There are other countries with just as many guns as we have, yet they do not have massive murders.

Why ours?

In the 1960s, when Charles Whitman shot and killed 15 at the University of Texas, we were all shocked. It was the first time in this nation someone went " Nuts" and started shooting people. ( Whitman it was found out had a brain tumor. He WAS nuts)

The Oregon Community College killer according to the British press was enthralled about the Nazis and the Irish Republican Army.

I am not going to debate guns or the Second Amendment in this blog. Most of you already know my feelings toward guns.

My concern is this...

Are we doing enough to protect our kids?

I worry and I worried about my ' favorite' school district.

It is wide open, as are all school districts in this area. It is nothing to walk into the school.

When I was still teaching, I tried to keep the front doors by the "Senior End" locked at the school, but the women faculty bitched, ( don't get me started here) and I finally gave up.

When a couple of us volunteered( You know who the other person was...) to take the training to carry weapons at school, we were looked at like we had three eyes and had just landed from Mars.

I worry folks.

You should too.

Don't fool yourself that it can't happen here...

Prayers for those in Oregon.

Please no comments on this blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Well, it's Official....

I have gotten old...real old fast apparently.

When I was teaching high school, I could sort of keep up with the " slang" that was being used by the younger folks.

Now, I look on Facebook, the internet, and many times,I have not a clue. ( Well, actually, in some cases, I can guess it other cases, I guess, and I always think it has some sexual connotation first.... remember, I taught high school for 30+ years and the hormones are still out of control in that environment.....but other times, I guess wrong.)

I finally broke down and put on my favorites' list the " Urban Dictionary."

Now, the dictionary often has a couple of meanings for the terms, but, using it, I am often able to figure out "what the hell" they're talking about...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

$10,000 For a Ring

$10,000 for an engagement ring....$10,000.

I've been reading some posts on FB, on other sites, about spending large sums of money on an engagement ring. And in this case,we are talking about folks with, well not huge salaries to start with. The girl is insisting on the ring, her mother is encouraging her and the boy is agreeing....I wonder what the boy's parents think?

I'm sorry. I wear a wedding band worth I think about $79.99....from JC Penney's. I really wanted a $35 wooden one I found online. ( this is after the weight loss. The original is in a lock box at the credit union. Who knows, I might get fat again? I hope not...but who knows? )

I never take the $79.99 ring off. It is one of my prize possessions.

$10,000 could make a heck of a down payment on a starter house....or a vehicle.

If we got to have a $10k ring...what else MUST we have?

No More Deer Hunting? In Texas?

So, there are now chronic wasting deer being found in Texas.

In Amarillo, and in Central Texas at some of these places that raise deer.

It's sort of concerning. I hunt deer. I eat deer.

I also remember a similar illness called mad cow disease. It was so bad in England that years ago they destroyed 4.5 million cows. They don't import beef from anyplace, and on the menus in Great Britain, it says " British beef."

( It makes you wonder what we are importing into this nation from places like Mexico?)

So far, there is no evidence this illness goes from deer to humans, but this illness can lay dormant for 30-40 years.

I am more afraid of a hamburger from Wendy's or McD's than deer meat. ( Vension for you fancy folks.)

I think I'll keep eating deer. If I got 30-40 years, it means I'll be 88-98 before I get " mad deer." At that point, I'll probably have gone to see Jesus anyway.