Thursday, July 31, 2014

Arrest Warrant for Newton Sheriff

There has been an arrest warrant issued against Eddie Shannon, Sheriff of Newton Co.

Shannon, is alleged to have made a terroristic threat against elected officials in that county.

The crime which is a third degree felony can send a person to prison for 2-10 years.

PC Coonasses

So, a member of the Texas Legislature is in trouble for telling a Coonass joke.

Well, he's not in trouble for the joke, but using the term " Coonass."

Come on, seriously, come on. As I have said in the past, I can trace one of my families from Louisiana to Acadia To France, so it's in my blood.....

Heck, when I show my love of anything with rice....boudin, gumbo, etc....I always make the remark, " the Coonass is coming out in me..."

This PC has got to stop....

If not, next I'll have to stop calling my wife's family Germans....they'll be Central Europeans or something else....

I'm sorry, I'm not going to stop using the term " Coonass."

Dr. Kerry?

So, there's a college in Florida who's offering honorary doctorates for $85....yep, $85.

I'm thinking about getting one. What the hell? What the difference between someone giving $250,000 to say Lamar and getting a honorary doctorate and this? The price?

I'm looking at it this way....

Screw that dissertation.

Screw that defense.

Screw paying all that money.

Hell, who cares if it's from a college nobody ever heard of....Bluegrass musician Ralph Stanley has a honorary doctorate from some college in Tennessee no one has ever heard of.....and he calls himself Dr. Ralph Stanley.....Billy Graham goes by Dr. Graham all the time and his doctorate is honorary....

I could be like Protestant reformer Martin Luther and make my wife call me " doctor."

I'm sure if I did that, I'm sure there'd be a " justifiable homicide" occur at some point....

Actually, I don't see it happening... I doubt I could find the college on the list of accredited schools by the Southern Association..I see at least some of the $85 spent on mussels pommes frites in Brussels...maybe if I get brave, haggis in Scotland...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Side Effect

So, I am watching a Tv commercial for a weight loss product. I swear they had about 2 minutes of stuff that might be a side effect.

One of the side effects is a prolonged erection.....

Is this somehow a problem? I am confused?

Maybe when they are discussing the erection, they are showing a woman....maybe she's not a woman after all?? They do discuss producing milk while taking the medication....they also say that breasteses may increase in a guy that maybe a problem, but for a female? Is that a problem? ( then I'm looking at this from a male point of view...)

Oh man....better living through chemistry...

Sorry, after all the serious material the last couple of days, I had to " lighten up."

Buna Schools 2014-2015 Part 3

I dreaded for some reason writing this Number 3 blog...

Maybe it's because I really have many problems with a number of the administrators I worked for over the years.

That said, my last 3 principals, I loved to death. David, Jerry and Don. All three understood the concept of leaving their teachers alone, and the teachers will do a good job and take care of what needs to be taken care of in the school.I was so afraid that Buna was going to hire a person that didn't understand that concept, I started to look at my options in other area schools.

I have along time friend I taught with in the Dayton Schools whose favorite saying about administrators was this. " The farther you are away from the kids in the school business, the more money you seem to make."

I never understood why people went into the school business....if they were going to chase that dollar to become an administrator.

I went into the business to teach. I liked kids. I took a pay cut to teach at Buna.( Seriously, I did.) I loved being the Senior Government Teacher. I would have almost paid money to have gotten that position. ( Well, let's don't just get plum silly here Kerry.)

I've never heard of an administrator taking a pay cut unless they've been run-off from their last position.

Buna administrators, there are problems. Morale is down. It's your job to fix it. I'd tell you how, but you wouldn't listen to what I have to say, and in truth, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.....and I am not going to sit by the phone to wait for that call.

2014-2015 is upon us. I hope you are ready to lead.

You need to help your teachers, and right now, more than ever they need help.

Likewise, administrators, if you are in the job just to make a dollar or you are in above your head, or you just don't like what you are doing...get out. Go back to the classroom. Go sell vacuum cleaners, go play a piano in a whorehouse.

Education needs great leaders now more than ever before. Just don't stay in the system because of the money.

That's the problem today. So many people are in education for the wrong reasons.

School is about teaching kids. At least that's what I thought it was all about....

End of part 3.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buna ISD 2014-2015 part 2

There is unhappiness in the ranks of the faculty in at least one of the schools, perhaps more.

Oh sure, teachers gripe. They don't like the kids, the parents, the administrators.....but this is something beyond the normal unhappiness that IS with being a teacher.

Morale is shot.

I had a teacher who spoke to me break down in tears. They told me some of the problems they had, and it was ugly.

It is like there is " no hope" for many of the faculty members, and they are leaving the district somewhat like a rat deserts a sinking ship.

The turnover as I have written in the past, as I was corrected, was not due to positive changes in the economy, or new opportunities opening up, or such. People just wanted out of Buna ISD.

Look, we understand there is politics involved. It's small town America. Its just the way it is, but you just can't kill the soul of your teachers.

Their souls are dying....It has nothing to do with the kids.....and has nothing to do with parents....

The person who spoke to me and cried eyes looked lost. Just totally lost.

One of the advantages of living outside the district was I didn't see most of the people I saw at school. I didn't go to church with them, I didn't see them at the grocery.

I know there are teachers who shop in Silsbee or Jasper just to avoid administrators, kids, other faculty members.

In Henry IV, Shakespeare discusses the lack of knowing the wants and needs of the subjects....

In this case, I call upon the political wing of Buna ISD to start looking and listening to what is going on. Ultimately it is your leadership.

Board of Trustees, your teachers are unhappy. It ain't money. Once again, it ain't the kids. It ain't the parents...Perhaps you don't care morale is shot.

You don't want to be another bunch of do-nothing politicians just like the US Congress.

Board, you may think again. It is going to start to filter to the kids and parents. Start asking questions. The right questions. If not, it is going to get bad, really bad, and trust me, you don't want a bad school system.

Just don't take the word of what is going on is just normal turnover...or that everything is alright. Ask around. Ask in a way people will give you an honest answer.

Be a leader, just don't be like Diz Moore says in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and be a Christmas Tiger....just don't nod your head and go along...the youth of Buna depend on you...

End part 2.

Buna School 2014-2015 part 1

I understand Buna is the largest employer in the town.

I understand this may either upset or make people happy.

I know I'll get hate mail, love mail.

Buna Schools are like any other small rural school in East Texas. They "gots" problems.

On the other side of the coin, they " gots" advantages.

I know the parents think that just sending their kids to the school they expect miracles. They do nothing else once the kid returns home.

I also know some parents work every day with their kids.

Teachers, I know you are unhappy with what you get, but it's what you get. You are still responsible for what you receive. The scores are going to come back on you. You draw a check? It is yours...

I know. My last year teaching I had a TAKS Tested class. I knew the scores were going to come back awful. I literally had a kid play a Bevis and bubble in Megadeath on their score sheet. Still, I was ultimately responsible for the scores. Sure the vast majority of my kids passed, but the scores were not up to my standard. I took the check, I was responsible.

The test scores helped make sure I was out. I was not Kerry Thomas c. 1994-1995 school year. I was becoming a shell of myself.

Oh sure, I could still be teaching in Buna. I could be going through the motions. But I was not myself. I was no longer Satan on that Black Horse.

There are people in the classroom who shouldn't be there. I encourage them to yourself, the district, do your students a favor, leave.

Be honest teachers, you know there are people you work with, who just shouldn't be there. You know there are people who should be doing something else.

Trouble is, Buna is so political they won't fire you unless you do some awful. Being a teacher that sucks, well, just won't cut it.

Part of the problem is, they can't get people to come to Buna who are not Bunaites. The distance, the pay, the stigma of being in a small community.

I fought it for years.

Seriously, why on earth do you think I was so hard on you for years? I wanted Buna kids to be the best they could be...Do you not understand how many years I have probably taken off my life? Do you not understand why I now use 3.0 reading glasses to see, after grading your essays for years?

I know if you are unhappy as a teacher because you feel you are getting no help. I understand that....but you work for the taxpayer. You draw a check. You take that check, you are open to criticism. You do the best you can with what you got.

Buna is not a bad district. It has flaws, they all do. You're lucky. You could be a PA Memorial.....

End Part 1