Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Know It's Not Very Christian....

I know it is not very Christian, but there are people I just do not like.....I've tried and I've tried on some people, but I just can't do it.

I seriously have a problem here....

Someday when I die, I hope Jesus forgives me.

Maybe it's just me, but you know, I have a hard time with some folks, and the sad part is, some of these people are practicing Christians, or they claim they are....

I get along with people and would rather associate with people who are heathen or of another faith...

Seriously, I worry about this....perhaps I shouldn't....

Bits and Bobs, Sunday Sept. 21

The seasons are changing. I know the first official day of Fall is next week, but it was a little " cool" this morning when I was out doing my walking this morning.

I look for both Houston and Dallas to win today. If they don't, it might be a long, long season.

Is it just me, or can you not stand the Haribo candy commercials, the ones for the gummy bears, with the kids in business suits? The story for years is the company, which is based in Germany used slave labor during the Second World War.....

Debbie is in the " thinking " about getting a small always, we are looking at Honda....but Toyota, Nissan, even Hyundai, maybe Kia will get a look. You know, it's a damn shame I won't look at GM, Chrysler, or Ford products...and my Mother has two Dodges that are pretty darn good vehicles.

Speaking of Debbie, she teaches 2nd Grade Sunday School....the lesson is Jesus being tempted....I can't remember at age 7 being taught that...Junior High...High School..yes..what would a 7 year old be tempted to do? Eat an Almond Joy they're not suppose to eat?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hill Country....

So, many of you know by now, we spent the last several days in the Texas Hill Country. I was trying to take a little vacation and try and cure my illness at the same time. I did a little hot tub soaking...

- The Hill Country is no longer what you think it is....yes, there are still people in agriculture, but there is a huge diverse population there....we ate breakfast a traditional cafe and there were all walks of life in there.
( sorry, I love breakfast at old traditional caf├ęs. Eggs, hash browns, a little bacon had chicken sausage one morning and it was tasty, and biscuits....I could eat that every day....Debbie had blueberry pancakes one morning and I had a taste...quite good.)

- I wonder what that part of the world will look like in twenty years? Will there be so many people, it'll be a horrible place? Just like Austin is now?

- is there anything worse than traveling in Houston traffic? I say no....

- we stopped at Buc-ees in Luling coming and going. That place is like a magnet. They need to build one in Orange County, maybe FM 1442 at I-10.

- I was amazed at how dry the Hill Country was. It rained everyday while we were there, and there was a flood one night, but that trust me, at some point, that area is going to steal out water from Rayburn or Toledo. This will hurt the Neches or the want our water? You come live in the swamp with us....

- I broke a tooth eating chips at a Mexican place. Hurt like hell. Not bad now, but knew it was coming. My dentist a couple of years ago poured enough silver in that tooth last time, I knew it was just time before I'd need a crown. I have an appointment on Monday.

- Texas State University is a massive complex now. I remember when it was about the size of Lamar. It has 31,000 undergrads.

- We need to go ahead and make rural Interstate Highways 80 mph. Sealy to Luling could easily be 80-85mph....that way you can get up and go where you need to go...

Texas Independence?

So, in light of the failed Scottish Independence vote, what is the chance of Texas seceding from the U.S?

Sorry, Texas Nationalists, unless you are willing to go into long term revolutionary action, it's slim to none.

I would guess 75% of all Texans would vote to stay in the the United States.

My biggest concern is the same bunch of monkeys running Texas now would be running a Republic of Texas....and then what would you do when there was a vote of everyone South of San Antonio wanting to return to Mexico. It'd be a bigger mess than you think.

What happened in Scotland is this. There were people who were asked by the pollsters if they would vote " Yes" for independence and when they actually got into the voting booth, they couldn't do it, and voted " No".....that is not an unusual action.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I May Have Messed Up...


I questioned Adrian Peterson " tuning-up" his child....and he did over do it a bit....

But I don't want spanking, or " tuning-up" or whatever you want taken away from parents.

I was spanked with a switch. When I was a teacher in Dayton, the wood shop teacher made paddle for me for both home and one for school....saying" I'll need it later." He was right, I used it at home. The one for school, I used two times. ( both times I used a paddle at school, I was sick to my stomach afterwards...I still have both paddles.....both were made from pecan...)

My father told the story when he was a kid about the peach tree in the front yard that never bore any peaches. My grandmother used all the limbs as switches. She had eleven kids to keep in line.

I do not know if my son will spank one day when he has children. It's his call. If he decides to do so, he has my support.

The damn media has gotten involved in the spanking. They are now telling us, it's bad to do so....fuck'em.

I mean that. The man in question got out of control, but you know, spanking is a tool I don't want taken out of the box.

I hope we in Texas don't stop spanking our kids. I am sure there are kids today that would be in Huntsville if it wasn't for mom or dad " tuning them up."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Vote

So tomorrow Scotland is voting whether or not they go independent.

There are people all over the world watching. As a matter of fact, a number of people from Quebec has traveled to see if they can break away from Canada, and how and if Scotland can or will do it.

Tomorrow, I will be surprised if they leave. The time just isn't right to do so. It's an old vs. young vote at this time.

Ten years from now and big-eared Charlie is King, they leave..( and I could be wrong, but I'll be shocked if I am..)

That said, I look for the vote to be very close....and whoever wins, half of Scotland will be disappointed.

Dumber Than Ten Cows

That was one of my grandmother's favorite sayings.....cows are not real bright animals....tasty, but not real bright.

Forbes magazine has come out with a survey of the " Ten most educated and ten least educated" cities in America.

Beaumont, Texas was the least educated, meaning lacking college degrees in the U.S.

Does this really shock you?

Seriously....does it?

Look Newton County is one of the least educated, high school and college counties in America.

Sadly, for many people there is not an emphasis upon education in this part of the world....never has been.

Luckily for me, my mother and father believed in school and made sure that we at least got a college education.....

This area won't change. Think about it. Sorry, but it just won't.