Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wow, Just Wow....

I was sent a post this morning by a well, I guess I can start officially calling you all friends of mine now, many of you are about my age, and if I was working with you as I have said, I would expect you to call me, " Kerry" except for Tara Laramore, she always and forever has to call me " Mr. Thomas."  ;)

But, I have been reading posts this morning.

While many of us question the value of social media, I am more and more convinced that we need to to see who is " not quite right " walking among us....

Once again, if you are "friends" with me on Facebook, you're okay in my book. I know I purge from time to time, but in reality most of you are safe. Oh, you may get " off the rails" from time to time, but hell, " don't we all?" And we all need to let some steam off to keep from melting down....

Once again, reading some people's post that are sent to me make me glad we have carry in this state.

Don't Think It Couldn't Happen Here.....

I had not planned to blog on this topic, this morning.

For those of you in a news bubble, last evening at an Ariana Grande ( Before last night not a clue who she was ) concert in Manchester, England, 22 people were killed, 59 were injured. The average Ariana Grande fan is a tween to teen girl. Many of the concert goers were with parents who took them to the concert.

Manchester is England's second largest city. Three hours to the north of London on the Northwest coast.

We are at a war for our civilization here in the Western World. We, the British and French are going to have to send our forces into that world, whether it is the Middle East or into the communities in our nation to stop this branch of hate.

These people are as The Prime Minister of England said this morning, " The worst of humanity."

Don't think it can't happen here. I cannot think of softer targets than the ones we have here in this nation. Every college, high school ballgame, graduation, concert etc. is a target.

But you just don't stop living. You keep going. My wife and I plan to travel to portions of Great Britain this Fall and we are going, if it's my time, I can't think of a cooler place to die. ( But we'll be back for Thanksgiving.)

Be vigilant, be aware, but you can't stop living.

Prayers for the people of Manchester.

Monday, May 22, 2017

For My " Christian " Readers...I Appreciate It...But

So, I ran into an ex-student of mine in the dollar store. You know the one that you go to when you can't find it at the one you normally go to first. And they had what I was looking for. One left.

Anyway, while there I ran into an ex-student. Not a friend on Facebook, never have been, I do not think they have a Facebook account.

Anyway, they informed me that their Sunday School class has been " praying for me."

And as bad as my back has been, I need someone talking to Jesus( or whoever you believe in) for me...But no, apparently someone in the class reads the blog, and they got upset about some of my posts.

From what I gathered, they were upset about my school blogs, my blogs on the "swingers" etc.

They were afraid I was " going to hell."

This is not the first time this has happened.

Look, I get to say things that other people can't. And there are people who are upset about the school, and pretty much, I am their mouthpiece.  And concerning the swingers, heck, everyone needs to be aware, because they are out there.

Now, this business about me " going to hell" I hate to tell you, I am to the point in my life "I no longer fear burning in hell." As Ron Reagan says in his commercials. Now he's an atheist, and while I am neither an atheist nor an agnostic, the fear of hell just is not something I worry about anymore.

I am not a Calvinist as I was thought I was( thinking I was saved from the start of time, but then I thought, why are we going through this? And why even have churches?), I am not a Arminian thinking I can fall from grace, because if I were, I'd fall from grace every 10 minutes are so....

Look, as I have said, I am at a pretty happy place right now. Sure, I'd like for you to pray for me, as I pray for many of you every day( not lip service, I have a list, plus I have a child in the People's Republic of China)

But afraid of hell?

No. We have many more things to be concerned about than burning in hell....

It Was The Best of Times....It Was the Worst of Times...

I know it is a bit rough to quote Charles Dickens on a Monday morning and some are afraid I will go into a dissertation on what is going to lead the United States to a period similar to the French Revolution....

But no, this blog is not about that....

This is the last week of school for many districts.

Even thought it is a busy week, it is one of the great time periods in the school calendar. I know the seniors are done. They had finals last week and in truth, trying to get work out of seniors from Spring Break until May is at time difficult if not impossible. Seniorities is a serious affliction.

But they are done. All they have is Friday night.

Enjoy the summer folks. It will literally fly by....and before you know it, you'll be back in school, starting the grind once again...

Sunday, May 21, 2017


And to " lighten up" for a Sunday for all of you " weather people" here is a site on the Internet and as always, the web never fails to amaze me, especially a guy who grew up with three TV channels and listening to radio all day just to hear that one song....

Anyway, here is a site that show local lightning strikes and when you should hear the thunder from the strike. To me, amazing...

You may need to adjust the site for your area, and it is a global site. You can see it lightning in Greece if you'd like....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting Sued.....For This?

This comes out of Austin, Texas.....in keeping with the " let's keep Austin weird " motto....

And it makes you wonder, what's next?

An Austin man is suing a woman he dated for the price of movie tickets. It seems he became upset when she texted a friend while they were watching the picture. He told the woman that she needed to " text outside" and she did, leaving the theatre and him....apparently she left and went home.

He is suing her to " teach her a lesson."

The suit was for $17.31.

Now I have had some bad dates when I was a young man. Really bad dates, have spent some cash that I wondered why I was spending this for? But, I never thought of suing the girl.

Most of the time I was just glad to never have to see the girl again.

He should be thankful and go on with his life.

And This Happened....

I am sure it is a matter of time before the national media will pick up on this. They are sort of " occupied" with other news breaking out of Washington DC right now.

But it is the Supt of Schools in High Island ISD left her pistol in a console of the school's van. When the van was used by the school's baseball team, the gun fell out on the floor.

I am sure glad it was older kids on the van. If it would have been kindergarten kids, one my have picked it up, thinking it was a toy and shot another kid.

My 86 year old mother carries a .38 special as many of you know. I got her a revolver because it was easy to work, just point and shoot. No slide to pull, no safety to locate. Now my mother is a retired teacher and is particular about things like firearms. She has a routine for when she has to lock the gun in the car and always brings it in with her first into the house.

A superintendent would be one of the last people I would want to carry at a school, for the school's protection......They are never there. They are always at some meeting off-campus. Typically miles away.

I would give it to a couple of teachers on campus. Perhaps the biggest gripers on campus. Like the government teacher.

But just leave the pistol in the console of the school's van.....you forgot about it? That's just irresponsible. How is that carrying for the safety of the kids?

BTW- The Supt of Schools was suspended with pay....if it would have been a classroom teacher,  they would have been shown the door. I am convinced of that...