Friday, March 16, 2018

I'm Nekkid!!!!!

Who would have thought the City of Groves, Texas would be this "Progressive?"

I am pretty sure the Baptists ( and the town is full of them) are literally shitting in their pants.

It seems that it has been discovered that member of city council in that fair city has been posting nude photos of himself on a gay dating site called "Grindr." ( Yeah, that link proves I read everything...)

And the world goes wild.

The guy is 19 years old. And is "learning on the job."

Say what you want, at 19 in politics, well, you better get ahead of the curve....Fast.

Do what you want. Don't care if you're butt nekkid on a dating site. I have no need for one, gay or straight....


And there is always a butt. ( Pun intended.)

You know, if you are an elected official, you've got to think about some of the stuff and how it might help....or hurt you in the future.

I can imagine what would happen to a teacher who had nekkid photos of themselves on a dating site.....or worse, their high school age students finding the pictures....( Teachers would be asked for their resignation as soon as you sat down in the principal's office.)

But think about things before you act....and if you are in a job in the "Public Sector" well, the rules there are so much different than the rest of the world.

What we do for a little Lovin'.

Don't Care...Part 2

We went through a period of time in which we all got gun-shy in this nation.

I know I did.

And I stopped doing something I had done previously.

Last evening I started telling people how good they looked.


Told a young man how "handsome" he was in a photo he published.

No, for the 9 millionth time, I am not gay.

But if I was a handsome as this guy, well, I could not have taken it in my life. God knew what he was doing when he made me as " not a handsome man."

I know during the #metoo period, we were sort of gun-shy to tell people how nice they looked.....but you know, big difference between hitting on folks and telling them how good they look.

Well hell, why dress up, try and look good?

On a side note, I can't figure out  the dating scene anymore. I look and there are some handsome guys, working, good guys......then I look there are the same with ladies, just good looking girls, educated, I don't know...perhaps I am missing something....

Don't be shocked, may have several blogs today.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Don't Care....Don't Care

I get this from time to time. It is something that upsets folks from time to time.

And you'd think by now you'd go..." well, that's just Thomas...."

But, some folks can't go it...and a couple of people get all upset.

The fact in one blog I will cuss like a sailor.....and the next one, be all religious.

Look, sorry, I pretty much throw my sins out for all to see. I don't try and hide them. Swearing from time to time is one of my faults.


You also got to remember that the guys Jesus picked to follow him were pretty rough ole boys.

These guys wouldn't be found on the front row of the First Baptist Church of Jerusalem. Peter cussed on a regular basis.

Now, I am not disciple, or deacon, or elder....not even ministerial material....and I'm ordained. ( But I have enough sense not to go into that profession, even though I worked in that field for a while...)

So, once again, if you get all upset about this, don't read the blog.

Sorry, I'm going to sin and mess up.

And tell it like it is....with a few adjectives involved.

By Popular Demand

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the 1970s when I was a young man, I would for the weekend drive up to what my Father-in-Law's diploma says, " The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas."...Texas A&M for you uninitiated. ( Had friends out there and for Vidor kids at Lamar, it a bit more of a college experience socially than the Harvard of the Neches.  )
And there were still farm boys and girls in the college who dad sent there to "get educated" and come back and take over the farm/ranch. ( I may or may not have dated a couple of those farm girls....)
They were all listening to Bob Wills. And when you went out to the Honky-Tonkys frequented by the A&M kids, the band always played several Bob Wills tunes.....the Cotton Eyed Joe....and the Schottische. ( Look it up uneducated)

Anyway, perhaps this is the greatest song about "lost love." If it isn't. I don't know what is?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018



I really don't want people to like or love or comment or anything to this blog. Comments will be deleted.

As as been discussed previously, some of you people don't understand, and in truth, will never understand....

I know, I was there. I went to Vidor High in the 1970s. We had teachers openly in class use the word " nigger." We had a Vietnam vet teacher often use the term " gook." No one did a damn thing.

We also had some pretty damn good teachers. ( Thanks Elaine for inspiring me to teach....)

But I did not know. I did not understand.

Hell, until the last few years, I really did not understand.

It was a rude awakening. As I have said, I have relatives no long speak to us. ( Good fucking riddance.) 

I think some of you are afraid.

I think some of you see the change and it scares the fuck out of you.

It'd here. You are going to see the world change so dramatically in the next 20 years, you'll look back and say" What the fuck?"

The purpose of this is to go here. Some of your racism on Facebook is no longer acceptable. Hasn't been for a while. Hell, never fuckin' was. ( And this goes from all directions, white, black, yellow, brown)I may have to purge down to about 50 people. It may kill the blog, if so, then so be it.

Okay folks, sermon over.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I had not discussed this, and I may surprise you when I discuss this...or perhaps not....You know, been writing this blog for a number of years now, and I never know what's going to hit and what is not.

Years ago, when the State of Texas first let teachers start to carry, I volunteered along with another person....They look at us like we were nuts.

Now, it is starting to to become an accepted thing...( Sort of?)

That said, now, I wouldn't carry a pistol in a classroom if they made me do so.

The more I think about it, the more I think of all the stuff that "can go wrong." In case that one in a million event takes place.

And then, after I spend $400-500 on a decent pistol I would carry( more like $500-1000).....every damn day.....and spent no telling how much for extra training....and practice( ammo doesn't grow on trees)...The "bonus" they would offer to tote a gun would never match up to the amount it would be to get training and equipment.

You can't imagine the amount of bullshit teachers put up with...and got to( need to) carry a pistol...

Then, there is the idea that the .380 or the .38 special is going to "match-up" against an AK47 or an AR15 75 yards away. At 20 yards I might be able to hit you, but over 50 yards with a .380? If I advance, I am going to be required to do so, knowing it probably is equivalent to a kamikaze pilot crashing into a battleship.

And then in the chaos of hundreds of people going all different directions, I could imagine the nightmare it would be if you were to miss and hit a kid. You would be crucified. And I would want to think about the mental breakdown you personally would go through knowing you seriously injured or killed a kid...Most of our job is protecting kids.

Look, I am all about carrying a gun. I do so on a daily basis....but at school?

No thanks.

Okay Boys, This Blog is for You

Okay guys, this is for you. I know good and well there will be ladies who read this, but the blog is pretty much for you guys.

Sorry ladies, we'll will include you for the next time...

I hit conservative  Matt Drudge's site a couple of times a day...well, just to see,.

And the thing that amazes me are the links to stories involving....Sex.

"Increase in teen promiscuity in Pennsylvania."

" Survey says, Americans having sex 9 times average a month."

" Spring Break teens having sex on beach in Daytona."

But yesterday, this one was all over the press. It was on every conservative and liberal sites I check during the day.

" Porn stars allege abuse, violence on set."

I couldn't help myself...I clicked the link.

It seems the " thing" now for people to "view" is abuse of their sex partner.

Slapping them so hard they bruise, choking them until they almost lose consciousness.

And this....

Sticking their "Johnson" so far down the person's throat they vomit.

Now, if you're both "into this" who am I to judge....

Here's the problem. There's all these teens, and well, guys watching this stuff who thing this is..."normal."

And the comments on the story confirmed that, with a number of ladies who have stopped having sex because of the violence that men (boys) now want in the act.

Boys, put a little romance into your life. Seriously.
Making her "happy" is the goal.....Hell, it's the best part.