Monday, August 31, 2015

Well, The Blog Hits New Low

So, I watched bits and pieces of the Video Music Awards last night.

I've never seen more no talent bums in all my life. And sadly, I did not know most of the people on there....or perhaps, I am better off not knowing...

I am sorry, but today's music sucks. It sucks bad.

And everything was an attempt to shock or surprise people.

I am not sure which sucks worse, today's music aimed at teens or the music they call country and western.

Okay, I am about to yell at folks to " Get off my lawn now."

And BTW- I am announcing MY run for President of the US in 2024.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Okay, I Can't Keep Up....

I fooled around and let too many people " friend" me and asked to " friend" folks on Facebook. I am over 800 people.
It is down from the original 1300 people I had on the old site.

It seems too many people and I have too much disagreements on things, espcially on a religious point of view. Too many people want to impose their beliefs on you and when you resist, or disagree, or if you take up for folks outside their belief system, well, they lose their a big enough chore to try and get yourself right with God, without worrying about someone else.

That said, this is not the topic of this blog.

Even with Facebook, I can't keep up.

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone on Facebook pregnant? There were so many, I considered going to CVS and buying an EPT and peeing on the stick to make sure I was not expecting.

Then, there are the folks in relationships. I just read today that a person I really think a lot of had broken up with their long term partner. And they've been split for a while. Somehow, I missed this. and it bothered me that I missed it.

So, I apologize. If I ask a question, don't think I am not paying attention, or I am insensitive. Sometimes, well, I just miss stuff....

I wonder often if I need to purge just to keep up, but the 800+ folks I have right now I sort of, right now I will apologize for any future transgressions, mistakes, etc....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Killing the Police?

The older I get, the more I think we are losing our damn minds in this country...seriously, this nation is about to fly off the handle.

If you have not heard already a Harris Co. Deputy Sheriff was shot several time while he was filling his sheriff's cruiser. ( Harris County is Houston)

The man who shot him, shot the deputy in the back and continued shooting once the officer was on the ground.

KTRK TV was reporting a suspect has been arrested.


I got to ask why?

Is this a media driven event?

Are we to the point we just need to kill whatever "public" workers, media, whatever in this country?

Are we really this angry?

Or are we just finally nuts in America?

Are teachers next? TXDOT workers?

Prayers to those in Harris County.

Friday, August 28, 2015

So, I Came to my Senses...

So, I keep my AP Economics " license" up to date.

Just for fun, I figure if I ever HAD to teach again, it'd be something odd like macroeconomics. And while I would hate it, I could do it.

The other day, I received an email about teaching economics at a private school in Asia.

I was thinking China, Japan, Korea....and maybe for a year, China might be interesting.

No, it was in Kazakhstan yes, part of the old Soviet Union.

So, I looked at how awful it'd be there.

Cold? Hell yes.

But, the killer was the food.

The national dish? Boiled horse? And they love to drink fermented mare's milk.

I'll eat a bunch of shit....but I don't know if I could go a regular diet of horse and mare's milk...Fermented.

Nope, ain't going to Kazakhstan..

So, It Begins

High school football starts tonight in Texas.

I know many of you are excited.

Kids on the football team.

Kids cheerleading.

Kids in the band.

Kids in the drill team or flag corps.

I keep up with basically three teams.

Vidor, Buna, and LCM ( I live in the LCM ISD)....

But, I don't get real excited about the games anymore.

Could be my 4 years in high school.

You've got to remember, when I was in high school, we went 0-40.

We did not win a game while I was in high school.

And being a band person, I was at every one of the games. It was a humbling and depressing situation.

So, enjoy the season, and I hope everyone wins district, and gets a Division I at Marching Contest.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Working With Crazy Folks.

After the shooting at the television station in Virginia, it makes you wonder about people we have worked with.

Most folks are as people think are " nuts" are in reality, just a little eccentric. I am sure a lot of people saw me in this manner. I was a little " different" in the way I did things. Well, heck, I need to make school at least a little interesting for everyone concerned.

But, from time to time, you work with some people you wonder how close they are to the shooter in Virgnia.

When I was in a school district Northwest of Houston, I worked with a man I know could have lost his mind at just about any time.

He had come down from Ohio and had graduated from a high dollar Episcopal college in that state.

When we first met him, we said he was different because he was a " wannabe Yankee poet."

No, he was nuts.

He went to Human Resources on me because I had told him, " Good-morning Tom."

It seems he wanted to be addressed as Mr. Smythe, at all times, by everyone.

He went to HR once to complain about our geography teacher because she left her door open during class. Wanted her fired, and threatened to hire a lawyer if she wasn't let go. ( She had taught in the district for 35 years, and had taught to Supt. of Schools.)

Come to find out, he had been let go for trying to stab the Principal at his old school. They had let him go and told no one under some sort of an agreement.

Needless to say, he was let go in October of the school year. He blew up and law enforcement escorted him off campus.

The constable sent a couple of deputies to literally stand guard several weeks at the school until we found out he had been arrested at his new school for seriously assaulting a student. ( How he got on at the school, we do not know, and the adjoining county held him on no bond.)

So, I am not shocked. I am surprised that more violently crazy people do not act out more at the workplace.


Last evening, I received a " thank you " post on Facebook from Sierra Kondos.

She thanked me for getting her ready for college.

Thank you Sierra.

However, I was just doing my job.

Sure, I knew a large percentage of Buna kids were not going on to college, but you know, I wanted EVERYONE to be ready for the next step. You never know who winds up attending....

I don't think you know how hard it was to be as tough as I was on those of you who took my class. Reading all those essays.....But it was the only way I knew how to teach.....however, when it was time to retire. It was time.

( I refuse to proofread this blog....too much like grading if you ever wonder why there are mistakes.)

I seriously wonder about the future of teaching. No one wants to teach anymore.

Low pay, the profession is being attacked by politicos, the media, they are having to teach Common Core, and finally those standardized there any question why there is a growing shortage of teachers? Why put up with this mess?

Once again, I thank you....but, I was just doing what I was suppose to do...