Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Well, We Got the Word.....

I will probably be in the "doghouse" for writing this blog, but welcome to my world.

After my post on Facebook last evening, we got the world from China.

It seems Reid and April have started the process to go ahead and get married, as Reid said, " We've been together for 1 year and 1 month. It's time..."

And it is somewhat of a bureaucratic mess to get married in China, you need to get a " Certificate of Marriageability"   before you get the actual certificate.( Not sure how much time it will take????)

After she visited for 6 weeks this past Spring, we were impressed. Very impressed.So impressed BOTH Grandma's have said separately, " he needs to marry her." ( I don't think you really know, for me, and both grandmother's to be impressed, well, that's something...)

The only bad part is they will marry there, and not here....I know the "Boss" has already decided to have some sort of "reception/dinner" for them later here in the "States."

But, we couldn't be happier this morning.

Yeah, Well, If " If's and But's"

I think we all wish something from time to time.

I know I do.

I often wish I would have gone on and gotten a PhD to try and teach at a university someplace....but, it wasn't meant to be.

As I have always said, I was suppose to teach at Buna. And I am serious about that. 

I noticed on Facebook another of "my all time favorite students" lamenting the fact they had not completed a university degree. ( Heck, their spouse is a wonderful person.)

Look, when I get together with my family, there are people with all sorts of 'letters' behind their names. My wife academically has about 8 letters after her name for her field.

We aren't any happier than those who just finished high school, or even dropped out of high school. I am convinced of that. We got more problems than a " run over dog." Just like most people.

And the damn cost of college today.....seriously, screw that shit.  Why go into $70,000( or more) debt to get a degree? You'll spend the next 20-30 years paying it off.

Look, I am all about education. I taught my class like it was a prep school class.....but you know, college ain't for everyone, and even if you are college material, you may be happier doing something else.

There will always be something we wished we would have done.....but sadly, that's just life.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yes, It's Changing

I was reading the polls this morning. I know, old habit, I am retired, but I still like to take a look at what is going on in the world of just what people are thinking.

There is a pretty substantial divide in the ages between people accepting of gay marriage.

That is especially true of the people 50+.  And the biggest change is among Evangelical Christians under the age of 50.

I am in that 50+ category, and I understand.  People my age, well, we just grew up that way and well, we get set in our ways.

That said, about 7 years ago I literally had an epiphany. ( And it is strange, my mother who was 80 at the time had the same revelation....that said, my mother is well educated, has a Master's degree+ ...)

I will never forget she and I had a long discussion the LGBT community. And I know this analogy will upset some folks....but it was like a "Pauline road to Damascus" experience.

Why are we doing this to these people? Like I have said, just like left hand people, people with brown eyes, they are born this way.  ( I use brown eyes because the blue eyed trait from Northern Europe is extremely strong in my family. I am wondering if somehow my grandchildren will have grey or blue or hazel eyes or if the Asian DNA dominance will win out? )

BTW- 62% of all Americans approve of gay marriage. 

But I digress.

Life is slow about changing, especially us older folks....But it is changing....

Let Me make This " Perfectly" Clear

Hate to quote Dick Nixon this morning first thing, and this blog has nothing to do with politics.

Literally noting.

I had someone lose their mind last night because I often comment under a " selfie" that females put on their timeline on Facebook, " Who's the cutie?" At one time I put " Who's the babe?" But I decided that was a " bit much."

Look, I had turn that part off in my brain to teach school. Seriously, you do, and it is somewhat difficult.

I couldn't really tell you how nice you looked at the prom. ( And EVERYONE cleans up good for that one.)

Look, I am human and like my late Great Uncle Melvin once said, " Ain't no such thing as an ugly woman."

So, if you are going to get offended, or upset, or whatever, by me comment on how attractive you are....unfriend me today.....Please.

Monday, June 26, 2017

This is the End.....

"This is the end, my only friend."

Quoting Jim Morrison and the Doors first thing this morning. Just one of those days, perhaps years.

I was reading one of my favorite student's Facebook( a lot of you are "my favorite", you'd seriously be amazed.) and they discuss the world situation and how much we basically hate one another now. Politically. So much so, we are wanting to kill "other Americans."

They're absolutely right.

A lot of people run around "hollering" about they being " Christians" then want to kill people they disagree with....just amazing...

The hatred of people. Some of you hate LGBT people, yet you have had unmarried heterosexual relations with more people than you can count... Some of you are all anti-abortion, yet you could care less about children who are not yours.  If kids are starving, "not my problem."  ( And I am not pro-abortion, but you know, once kids are born, you act like you could "care less.")

I don't know. Perhaps you do not really understand how good we really have it in this nation? We live longer than anyone in the history of this nation. We have entertainment second to none.  With a button we can contract anyone in the world at an instant.

Yet, we seem to be unhappy because people are trying to " be happy."  You want to tell them how to worship, even within Christianity. How do you know your Christian doctrine is right? Because some "preacher" said so? Or because you found a verse out of the 21,000+ verses that says something you've "cherry picked?'

I know he preacher in this area who preached against drinking the other night to his youth. Yet, never says anything against divorce.....why?  His kids have divorced. ( And you know my feelings on alcohol, once again, what was Jesus' first miracle?)

And it is both sides.

From time to time I get people upset because I am "pro" gun and I CHL most of my time outside of the house.

My gun(s) have never  shot anyone. They are a tool I have I hope I never hope I have to use in fear or for protection. ( Don't just zero in on this statement, I will hear more about this than what I am really try to say.)

Be happy folks. Stop listening to so much talk radio. Stop listening to national news stations. All they want to do is rile you up so you'll keep listening.

Seriously, be happy, in the history of mankind, you've never had it so good.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yankee A$$ Sonava***** & Stuff You Worry About?

So, I was checking one of my "clothing" sites this morning and there was a discussion about Pick-up trucks.

There was a discussion if trucks were " traditional" or not....the clothing site is traditional. Tweed coats, button down shirts, khaki pants...etc.....

I being from Texas said, while my doctor "suggested strongly" I stop driving a truck due to my back, I would, if I could.

I shocked them by saying everyone I know pretty much drives a truck. My doctor, my lawyer brother, most of the men I taught school with,  drove/drive trucks.

Trucks are as traditional as you can get in Texas...hell most of the South.

They didn't believe me and many of them think Texas is full of cactus....Hell, I can drive the equivalent of 3-4 of their states and never see a single cactus. ( Just driving in East Texas.)

Anyway, I think I have been banned for a month because " I didn't know what I was talking about."

Damn Yankees.

Second, it is official, I got old.

There was a landslide in a province just to the north of where the kids are living. Several hundred people missing including people in a hotel.

Being a "old person" I sent a Skype message well, to April, she will answer quicker than my son.... She did, about 15 minutes later( Telling you, she's a winner)....they of course are okay. ( It's official, I am becoming my Mom.)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Okay, Kwitchabitchin

I am trying to quit cussin' so much on my blogs, I really am, but we can't make you damn people happy.

Kwitchabitchin......seriously, stop.

My Facebook for some reason is about 24 hours behind on your posts for some reason and all I see are how " weak" Cindy was.

Seriously? Do you want another Rita to blow through? Another Ike? Is that what you really want?

I hope I NEVER have to sit through another situation like that...

I know Cindy was only a tropical storm, but I remember a tropical storm sitting over Houston and all sorts of people drowned. Couldn't get out of their car, their houses....( Allison, 55 people died, 70,000 homes flooded)

Be thankful. Thank your "lucky stars"...thank Jesus, Buddha or whoever you worship.

I mean seriously....Kwitchabitchin...