Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm Sorry....Non-Baptist

I don't know how this blog will be received.

And I guess I do not care.

I sorry. I've done you wrong.

I have known this for years, but I just have not admitted it. Or was willing to take the heat.

If you are not a Baptist in this part of the world....well, we've just not treated you right. And the post from yesterday just amplified it.....and the thing is, most Baptists in this area do not realize it. Or maybe they just do not care.

I was a member of " The" Baptist Church in my town for many years. Was there every time the door was open. Spent part of my summers every year doing mission work in far South Texas and Northern Mexico for the church. It was not until I graduated from college that it came to my realization that most folks at " The" church really did not care about me. Or many other folks. You see, my mom and dad were a teacher and a city worker respectively. They did not make enough money, or tithe enough to get any " respect" of the power brokers who were members. Sadly, the leadership often falls into that same group. It takes a lot of money to run a big church.

After I got out of college I saw jobs, I saw " treats" go to children of these wealthier members, even when better qualified people were out there for the need.

I can't imagine what it's like for those even somewhat outside the loop.

I am probably going to go to hell for this. If so, I am prepared to accept my punishment.

At my last teaching postion, I played up my attending seminary, I played up my being " Baptist" in order to get my job. I shouldn't have. I am sure there was someone better than me for the position. There always is, whether you care to think about it or not.

I got the position. The rest, as they say, is history. I tried to be as non-Baptist and as fair as I could to everyone. I tried to push everyone as hard as I could without getting fired.

Still in the back of my mind, the way I got the job bothered me.

In recent years, I have become upset at how Baptist have attached themselves to one political party. I seriously doubt Jesus is a Republican or a Democrat.

So, I apologize to the non-Baptists. We're not been very Christian in the way you've been treated.

Maybe at some point It will get better.....but I doubt it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Banned By The Baptists

I know many of you don't think this is possible, but in this day and age, it can be done by the Baptists, well, fairly easily and fairly quickly.

Especially the Neo-Cals( Term of the day to look up) and their emphasis upon discipline, discipline, discipline...

As many of you know from years ago I was banned from the FBC of Pt. Neches due to me arguing at RA basketball games. ( I told the referee to stop "coaching" kids from his church while calling the game, and they didn't like that...)

Wasn't that big a deal, and I sort of wore it as a " Badge of Honor."

I got to commenting on a site about this new found, well, "let's discipline folks and there are not set rules who, or why or how come..."

You see, I was a member of a church that did discipline for a while and to quote one of my favorite movies..." This business will get out of control and we'll all be lucky to live through it."

They disciplined folks for the following... and these are just some of the reasons...

– Want a man to quit working for an airline because they ( Delta) served alcohol on flights. The man was a ticket agent.

– Wanted to discipline a man who worked at a chemical plant because his job required him once a month to oversee operations on Sunday and thus would miss evening services, he was a supervisor on second shift.

– Disciplined a family because their tithe had decreased because the husband had been laid-off from him position.

Now, there are times a church needs to clean folk's acts up, but when there is one set of rules for people who give a lot of money and a second set for those who can't afford to do so?


And, due to my comments, I was threatened to be banned. I told them to " do it, I didn't care..."

As of this morning, I was still able to post....

I may push the envelope just a bit more....

Everyone in America Will Have One

So, I am watching the business channel I normally watch and they were saying that by the year 2050, most households in America will own a robot.


I won't have to worry about it. I'll be " food for worms." Actually, I want to be creamated so I will either be in a Maxwell House can or floating, well, the ashes will be floating, in the Gulf of Mexico.

This comes after the advertisement with the man and woman robots ( in which the female robot has massive breasteses....and I ask...why? ) are pushing a remote controlled tolièt. To which I ask, a remote controlled tolièt? What if you have to find the remote to either put the seat up or down and you gotta go, NOW!

But seriously, these robots are coming. They are going to replace you as workers. They are going to be many people's mates( I saw a survey in which 30% of Millinials would rather have a robot as a sex partner. You will be able to design your own partner.)

As I write this, a commerical for Clearasil in which the kid with the pimple becomes a robots expert.

The times be a changing folks....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So, I Did an Old Economics Lesson Today....

I had about ten " piddling" stops today.

Vote, get two cars inspected, go ahead and go to the Orange County Auxiliary Building and get two vehicle registrations...but before I got the registrations, I decided to stop by the credit union and get cash, American money to pay....

When I went to the lady in the tax office and she said "it'll be $140.50" I asked, " I assume you still take Federal Reserve Notes?" And she had to look and see what they were first.

The lady in the cubical beside her had to look over the wall between them to see what I was talking about...

Next time you go to Penney's or Market Basket, or Brookshire Bros., or the tax office or wherever, ask...if they still take Federal Reserve Notes?

I know a couple of ex-students of mine were escorted out of the mall when they asked at a store if they took them or not....

I Got to Feeling Bad...

An ex-student of mine posted on FB why men do not " dress well" anymore when they go to town, work, etc....and I have gotten lazy on my dress recently.

I got to feeling bad. I have a closet full of clothes and never wear them....

Me, going to vote, and conduct business in Orange today...

I Blame Bunky, Cody Stewart, and Tara Laramore

For this blog....

I often tease Tara about her church " Taking up the Snake" as it has been written in literature and in truth Iam the one who often wonder about " Snake-Handling."

So, yesterday Cody Stewart posted he was about to board a flight for Iceland, which is on my " Bucket List" to visit. And then Bunky wrote he had found work in Kentucky, the poorest part, another part of my " Bucket List" came up.

You see, it is not only places I want to visit on my " Bucket List" it's some strange, well events.

I would go to a church where they " Handle Snakes" and " Drink Poison."

Now, if someone handed me a jar of Strychnine I am not taking a drink, and if someone hands me a copperhead, I am out the door, but I would love to sit in the back and watch.

Part of the problem is if the state police find out it is happening, they often come in and take away the snakes...

As misguided as most of us think it is, it is one of the ultimate acts of faith.....( That portion of Mark 16 about the serpents not found in the original texts of it wound up in there is a mystery?)

But parachute out of planes? Paraglide? Parasail? No.....

I want to go someplace where they " Take up the Snake."

Monday, May 23, 2016

One of the Greatest

This week is one of the greatest weeks in the history of school.

I know to many of you it means well, nothing, but to an old school teacher it symbolizes the end of misery.

I know the seniors are done and off campus, just waiting for that Friday so they can walk across that stage and get diploma...

I walked out to the highway and put a letter in the box to be mailed this morning and the LCMISD bus drove by to pick the neighborhood kids....I damn near shot the finger at it....but I figured, well, that would be pretty " uncool."

But so many seniors after Friday night it will feel like, to quote Robert Allen Zimmerman, AKA Bob Dylan to 100,000,000 of his closest friends....

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
A complete unknown
Like a rolling stone

And often to many of us, many days, it feels just like that....

Have a good Summer folks. Enjoy it while you can, school will start again in just a few short weeks.