Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just by the Minute

This was not what I had planned to write on this morning, actually I had a poem I worked on for about an hour this morning, but I could not come up with an ending, so I killed a couple of trees in the writing process.

And then, I considered writing about the Kentucky state lawmaker who shot himself after being accused of "messing" with a 17 year old girl in the basement of his church...and well....this is the same guy who called black folks " monkeys."I sorry, I can't shed a tear.

No, I am coming to you on this flat earth mess.

Where the fuck do these stupid ass morons come from?

They ignore all the basic laws of physics and math and gravity and every other damn scientific principle there is...

I have flown to Europe, trust me, the damn earth is round. You can look out of the plane and see it.

Why do you think airliners fly north going over Alaska to Asia and Iceland to Europe? Because it's shorter that way because the top part of the earth is shorter to cover?

Look, when I speak to my kids in China it's 14 hours ahead....they in the dark, we in the light or vice versa.....if the damn earth was flat, it'd be light in both damn places....

If you believe this nonsense, unfriend yourself from my Facebook and just go the fuck away....

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You Lost Me

This essay will probably upset some of you. Then again, how is this anything new?

I write this essay with heaviness in my heart. I don't think you quite understand. Nor, will many of you ever understand.

I have been a registered Republican since 1976.

I no longer recognize the party.

I do not understand why you hate teachers. I am thinking more and more you want people uneducated. At one time I recommended education as a career. Now, unless you've been in the professional for a while, don't go into the job.

I do not understand the latest tax bill. I am going to wind up paying more in income tax. Yet the wealthy and corporations who are already sitting on a pile of cash get even more money. ( Don't give me the trickle down theory. They are investing in Asia. That is the fastest growing middle class. Both China and India will have a middle class 3 times the U.S. middle class within a few years....)

I do not understand to pay for the tax cut, we are going to cut Medicare and Social Security.

I do not understand the tax bill hurting small business. Small business is the backbone of American capitalism. Sorry, it just is, so many major corporations are just on a form of government welfare and people don't want to admit it. 

I do not understand the continuing war on minorities. In a blog in 2012 I told you the Republicans are going to have to reach across the aisle towards minorities, to especially Latinos.

I do not understand this marriage of the GOP and religion. Jefferson and Adams would roll over in their grave if they knew this was happening. I don't want a theocracy. I don't want people to tell me what I can read, or watch on TV, or at the movies. I don't want to hear sermons that espouse one political party.  These same people turned a blind eye to a candidate who was an ephebophiliac....

 Don't call me a RINO. I voted for Reagan...twice. When Bill Buckley was alive I subscribed to his magazine. I have worked in congressional, local Republican campaigns. I am sick of people name calling because I don't hate black people( I did not really understand racism until I got a Chinese daughter in law. And most of you have been wonderful, but there are people I've know for years,  well, I can't believe the vile hatred coming from them.), or this hatred of people in general because they are Democrats, or Republicans... it must end or the republic will come literally apart.

I am looking hard at leaving the GOP....and I know I am not the only one.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why a Purge?

So, someone wrote, actually a couple of people asking......Why a " Merry Christmas" purge? ( I actually could call it a Happy Hanukkah purge, because it starts tonight....and claim a dreidel was involved in the decisions....)

No, I as my late grandfather would say, " Had enough" with some folks on the Facebook.

Tired of their posts, tired of their whatever.

I am tired of closed minded people who get upset when I write a blog and they just for some reason cannot handle it. There are people who are different than you, think different than you, and for some reason they lash out in what is almost vile hatred that I fear would lead to violence if in the right setting for people being " different."

There was even an individual who was all upset about me buying a new tartan jacket for some reason. BTW- It's a Blackwatch tartan. It just says " Christmas." ( I think there are a people who think the clothes business makes me a closeted homosexual.....I'm not. Don't you boys understand? Lots of women like a " well dressed man." )

And I'll be honest, I don't have a lot of people I share the blog or a lot of stuff with, even when I post the blog in "open Facebook."

Heck, if I taught school with you, consider yourself lucky, I think I have 5-6 teacher/educators who I have as friends on my Facebook.( And to be honest, I consider those few as actual friends...)

Last night's purge was exceptionally long. And to be honest it is a combination of elation and sadness when I am done.

Anyway, if you made it, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 11, 2017

This is Why

Years ago when I was a lowly undergraduate, I wrote a paper in order to get out of college.

It was my last semester, and the course was called " American Political Policy and Politics."

The title and I still have the paper someplace here 38 years later was " The Growth of Politics in the American Church."

In my oral presentation of the church, several good "evangelical" students told me, " The church will NEVER get involved in politics.

Well, look at today.

Tomorrow in the state of Alabama, they will be voting in a senatorial race in which a candidate has been accused of "messing" with underage females.

In the last few days, I see that the same candidate has wanted to return to family values such as " before the Civil War."

He has even said on a talk show that he would get rid of all Amendments to the Constitution after the 10th. 

That would included eliminating slavery, allowing Blacks to vote, allowing women to vote.....

The population of Alabama is made up of a majority of white evangelicals.( can you say Southern Baptist) They are going to vote overwhelmingly for the candidate.

As many of you know, I grew up Southern Baptist. I attended at Southern Baptist seminary in Ft. Worth. I served on a Southern Baptist church staff.

This marriage of church and state has to end.

This is the main reason why I no longer attend church. 

Do you know you are losing your witness, your " Great Commission?"

The red, and yellow, black and white is looking more and more as a fallacy in the Baptist church.

What did David say in the Psalms 146? " Put not your trust in princes. " 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Warning for Netflix Viewers..."The Crown."

I do not know if you've been told or knew this was going to occur. I did not.

I am just past episode 7. I should wrap up this season this evening. 

1. Beware, and I know I already posted on Facebook, Episode 7 of " The Crown" gets fairly racy at times. Nudity, simulated sex.

Be careful if you have children.

Second, the episode concerning the Duke of Windsor,( the former King of England)well,  a good deal of it is, just like a large amount of the show is " guess" at what really happened.

Yes, the Duke was pro-Nazi. Yes, the government was very wary of him having a job after WWII. But some of the episode was sort of like the movie JFK, part true, part false, part, well, we just do not know for sure.

That said, enjoy the show. A great deal of it is true and it makes a damn fine series to watch, even if they embellish certain facts.  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

You Know Man......

You know man, I was writing a friend of mine......I sort of consider most of you sort of friends now, when you were in my class I had to be an asshole.....I know I played the role of asshole so well, but in truth, it was pretty much an Oscar winning act. Hell, other than my love of history and government,  most of what went on in Room 22 or Room 11 before they changed the numbers was just " high end drama."

And in truth, my politics is so all over the place, in truth, many of you don't know what I am....and in truth, neither do I.

But yesterday's snow storm.

As I was writing them yesterday( they live in New England), it really wants me to move someplace just to experience what it would be like elsewhere. Vermont, Maine....New Brunswick.

I have always wanted to live in England, Scotland, hell Ireland and my visit to the first two just made me want to go back. ( Ireland for Easter? I am already working on my rusty Latin for St. Anne's in Cork......once again, I am a waste of a theological education.)

The wanderlust is in the DNA.

Look at my son. Packs his bags and moves to the Far East. The last time, he didn't even have a job offer, went to Japan for a while, and winds up in China.

BTW- We love our daughter in law. The boy couldn't have picked a better wife. 

But snowfall? Hell yeah. I want to live a Winter season in a snowy climate....We already got the Subaru....

Friday, December 8, 2017

Crazy Man, Crazy

I am sounding like a beatnick from the 50s this morning......Crazy, man, crazy.

Who on earth would have expected the weather we have had this year in SE Texas.

51 inches of rain with Harvey. Had my yard become a lake. Except for the hill I live upon, and my house sitting 3 feet off the ground, I would have flooded like the majority of Lemonville.

Now snow. Not a dusting, serious snow.

Crazy man, crazy.