Tuesday, June 28, 2016

F**k You Thomas!!

Man, I hit a nerve on the Texas Secessionist blog from last evening. Now I know what gets people stirred up.

There are three areas in which people just lose their minds. And it makes me wonder if I have " hit the nail on the head" on the blog, due to the response.

1. Buna ISD.
Man, I get some ugly, ugly messages when I question what in the world is going on in certain areas....Even when I write a supportive blog on the Buna Public Schhols, people who have a problem with the district write me ugly messages.
But, when I put " Buna" or " Buna ISD" in the topic, I get huge reads.

2. Last evening's blog on the Texas Secessionist movement. I got one person write me saying that we should be " willing to endure all sorts of pain for the movement. "

Starving kids, old people? Texas becoming a second rate, possibally a third rate country? No, do not think so....

3. Calvinism, especially, Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Churches.

I got folks who " run wild" when they see me write on this....I can tease Pentecostals about " jumping pews" and " handling snakes" and they tease me right back. ( I think they realize I have some Pentecostal tendencies. )
I can tease Mormons about certain parts of their doctrine, but they know I grew up with Mormon kids and feel as comfortable going to Mormon services as my own. ( No I am not converting to be AofG, UPC, or LDS. But we love you. )

Maybe it's because I grew up SBC? Maybe because I taught at Buna ISD I should show some loyality? ( Need to write a blog on how I felt the entire time I was at Buna....) Maybe it's because I am a Texan, and should " be more supportive" as one message said...

I often think people get mad at me because I did something to them, or somehow they feel slighted because I am not who they thought I was in the classroom.

So, to those who want to blog, think about it....you'll find out who your friends really are...or if you have any friends.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Texas to Secede?

There has been a discussion for years about whether or whether not the State of Texas can leave the union and form its own nation.

I thought this was sort of settled in the years 1861-1865 during the Civil War?

Look, when Texas left Mexico in 1836 it was always known that the goal of Texas was to join the United States. And if you look, Texas was only a nation for a total of 9 years.

And now, with the British voting to " re-claim" own nation, Texas and Texans, many of them recent Texan, are talking up the fact that Texas needs to be a republic once again.

Big damn difference. There has been an England and English government for 11 centuries. The European Union is a recent 40 year experiment. All Europe's nations had their own government, their own legislature, and many even had ( still have) their own form of money. ( The British have the Pound Sterling, the Danish krone, Swedish krona,Czech koruna...and others, 19 of the 28 nations of the EU use the Euro, which seriously looks like Monopoly money...)

Let's look at Texas leaving.....what would we do for money? Make our own? Use the U.S. Dollar? If we make our own money, we'd have to make it fiat money, just like all other money, Texas has gold reserves to run the Texas government a whole 36 hours. Someone said to link the Texas money to the price of oil....and how will that work with $40 oil? The Saudis the Kuwaitis can't pay their bills with $40 oil.

And what on the open market the rest of the world decided that Texas money( we'll call it the Texan for argument's sake) is basically worthless?

What would happen to our savings accounts in U.S controlled banks? Would they be confiscated? Would the US Government decide we are no longer citizens and the US now controls all Texas citizen's money?

How will you pay for the military? For border security? All tanks, planes, ships, etc belong to the U.S....you'd have to come up with money for a military? Ft Hood, Ft Bliss, etc will be shut down and all equipment moved to Louisiana or Kansas or Iowa, etc...Or will you want the American military to stay? Like an occupying force that has lost a war?

What about Social Security? What if the American Government decides to stop those payments? Do you know how many people are on SS? And Medicare? And Medicaid? Welfare? Do you just shut off these folks without some sort of ramification?

What about all other Federal Government entities? There is stuff that is sometimes needed.

What happens if major companies such as Frito-Lay, AT&T, Kimberly Clark, American Airlines, JC Penney decide to move their headquarters out of Texas? American companies are not going to want their headquarters in a foreign land.

Going back to 1861-1865; is it legal to secede?

In 1861, Texas was the only state to actually allow its citizens to vote to leave the union. All the counties voted to secede, except the counties along the Red River, they were afraid of the Indians in the Oklahoma Territory, the German Hill Country, before the 1880s, Germany was about 15-20 principalities( nations) often at war with one another, and they did not understand why the Texans would want this, and Angelina County ( Lufkin) and no one understand why Angelina County voted to state in the union.

After the Civil War, Texas was readmitted to the Union in 1870.

Before Texas formally rejoined the America, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that secession was not legal, and thus, even during the Civil War, Texas was a state. In the 1869 case Texas v. White, the Court held that " individual states could not secede from the Union and that the acts of the insurgent Texas Legislature — even if ratified by a majority of Texans — were "absolutely null."

Even the most recent conservative judge on the Supreme Court said the following about secession.
“If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.”— Antonin Scalia, late Supreme Court Justice

What are you going to do if the U.S. decides to send the military to stop the secession? ( I doubt they would, they'll let us fail on our own, but what if?)

Then, what are you going to do with large chunks of this state who vote to stay in the U.S.? There is a real possibility that everything South of I-10 may vote to stay in America? What if they hold a referendum v"ote to leave the new Texas Republic? Stop them? What if they vote to go to the United States? Form the State of New Texas? What if they vote to re-join Mexico? You want to talk about a mess...

I am a Texan. I had a Great-Great-Great- Uncle die of Typhoid ( Along with several others in his company) at Nome, Texas in 1836. He was sent to Nome which was the main route to Louisiana (in those days) to hold the road open in case Sam Houston failed at San Jacinto and they needed a way to escape to the United States...my Great-Great-Great Grandfather received the land grant of my uncle's for him serving in the Texas Army My uncle wasn't married, had no children), thus the reason why part of my family is in Orange County. He had 254 counties to chose from and he barely made it into Texas.)

I am also an American. Do I get mad at our government? Of course? Could it be better? Everyone has thought it could be better at times for 235 years.

But there is nothing, I mean nothing, better than to carry a U.S. Passport. You generally don't get stopped going into foreign nations and questioned with an American Passport.....do that with one from Mexico or Columbia or Peru, or Syria or Tunisia, or Nigeria, or Vietnam, or China, or Indonesia....( Was on a plane with Russians going to Great Britain.....they gotten taken to the back by UK Customs... and they did not look threatening...)

Be proud...you're an American, from the greatest state of all 50...

Zits Are Back!!!

So, you think women's fashion trends are often, well, goofy, here's the latest " men's fashion" and it comes out of Milan, Italy.


That's right, acne, pimples, zits.....

And do they they get models with actual zits? No they use make-up to apply the acne.

And the men's fashion magazines go wild. GQ, Esquire, etc. all have articles on the pimples.

Now, men's fashion has gotten goofy, goofy in the last few years with all of the men's clothing makers pushing for " slim fit" clothes in order to try and get the young men's patronage, with their slim fit clothes...heck, even businessman's standard clothing makers like Brooks Brothers, HSM have a slim line....the trouble is, most of their customers are my age and being slim, is well, damn near impossible. Even with a massive weight loss.

But zits?

It's official. We've lost our damn minds.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Again....I Thank You

I thank you for the readership of the blog. The last 3 weeks has been the largest since I started to write this mess...now this isn't the Drudge Report or SBC Today or some sort of a national or even regional site. It is aimed pretty much at a small area of Southeast Texas and the people who are from that specific area.

Within the last few days, I have been sent emails from people who have just discovered the blog. Many of them you have told them about the blog, they're not even on the Facebook. They didn't know I wrote a blog.

I thank you for spreading the word. Some of you have already warned that the blog can sometimes get " pretty rough." And I often " get off the rails."

Once again, thanks for reading...I am humbled when I look at the number of hits on the blog.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What We Learned This Past Week

I am writing this blog at 1:35am.

1. With the break of Britain form the European Union, I wonder what it does to all this ' End-Times ' folks who have been jumping up and down for the last 50 years saying that Europe would be involved in the attack on Israel at Armageddon? The British ( and to a lesser extend) the French) are the only nations in Europe who have the ability to put their military, their entire military on the ground in a foreign land without help from the United States, and right now, even that is somewhat difficult as the British are between aircraft carriers. ( The Brits should have 2 new Queen Elizabeth class carriers being built and ready to sail by 2018. They'll be outfitted with U.S. made F-35 fighters.)

The French can get men/equipment to places, but in not as large an amount as the British. And if the French get their stuff there, the equipment is very likely to be broken down once it arrives.

Italy, Spain, Germany.....they alone just do not have the navy, air power to to move massive amounts of men and military goods to a site.

No Britain? No Armageddon as we've had pounded into our heads for the last 50 years. And there is a real possibility other nations with exit the EU....

That said, I wonder how much of the Bible on 'End Times' we either do not quite understand as of yet or, we are just flat wrong about?

2. I was privileged to hearing two women discuss the two female news-readers on out local CBS affiliate in of all places, the doctor's office this past week.

Both were of the mind that the two female anchors, weekday and weekend were hired due to their " endowment." ( Be careful folks when you discuss stuff with your friends, even if people are facing the opposite direction in the waiting room, we can still hear you from behind.) Another couple across from them chimed in and agreed.

It is not the first time I have heard this suggested.

You know, for years, Fox News has attempted to increase male viewership by placing their female anchors in chairs, on couches with no desk in front of them, in short skirts. Most other news organizations has their females sitting at a desk.

Don't tell me, that the short skirts are not for male viewers.

Makes you wonder however?

3. I seriously had an allergic reaction to the chiggers this past week and was forced to go to the doctor for an allergy medication and steroids. My lower half is literally torn up.

His honest suggestion was to dust my shoes/boots and pants legs with sulfur powder the next time I go into the woods.

4. I am shocked at the reaction to me shaving the mustache. Yes, I am growing it back. Both my wife and mother hate the bare lip.

I have upset some people on Facebook so much they have written me concerned, seriously concerned about my health both physical and mental....it was just something I wanted to do.

I will post a photo every week to prove that I am growing it back.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Holy Sh*t!!!

I stayed up until past 1am last evening watching the Brexit vote in the UK. For those of you who did not know, the British have decided to become totally independent from the rest of Europe. 52% to 48%.

Sky News in England had a professor with a computer model that called the election numbers 4 hours before it was over.

The question is this....What the hell does this mean to us here in America?

The big thing is this...The US Stock markets. Already the Dow futures at 6:50am is down -500 points. The British Pound Sterling, their money is the weakest against the U.S. Dollar since '85. ( I wish I had access to British Pounds. I would buy some as an investment.) And the thing that will hurt us here in Texas....West Texas Intermediate (WTI) ( That's oil folks, that's oil) is down this morning.

These things are all temporary. Don't panic. Look around, there could be some stocks you may want to pick up this morning....I would not be shocked if the markets rebound this afternoon, and if not today, over the weekend as cooler heads will prevail and our stock market will calm the hell down.

Don't be shocked if Scotland sees this as a chance for independence. Good, we Scots need to try it own our on. The also will be a push to unite N. Ireland with the rest of Ireland. Good we Irish need to unite the nation.

The Prime Minister of the UK has resigned. There will probably be new elections in Britain. The Chancellor of Germany has already told the British, get the hell out. Ah hell, Fuck the Germans.I hated Germany. (Biggest disappointment of my European trip. Loved the Scots, loved the English)...and fuck the frog licking, snail eating, greasy haired, need to take a bath French too...( I have to be careful about the French, I am 1/4)

But historic moment in Britain.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Idiot Parents

So, two stories make me sit up and take notice.

The first one comes out of East Baton Rouge Parrish in Louisiana. A mother discovers that her three sons have been breaking into homes....so like any good mother she whips the boys....but rather than use a belt, or a board, she uses an electrical cord and beats the boys so badly, one calls the police to report the abuse.

Now, I understand the mom beating the kids....but an electrical cord, well, is a bit much and to be honest, if I was a cop, I would have given her a " talking to" and let her go...she's trying to do the right thing and teach her kids to be good. I hope the DA uses some sense and drops the charges. But, we're talking about lawyers and sense....

The second comes from Collin County north of Dallas. A man leaves his infant child in the hot car....and when he realizes what's he's done, rather than dial 911 he puts the baby in the ice box trying to cool the kid off....


My question is this....are we so damn busy we can't remember that we got kids? Are we missing our damn TV program? Or want to play our video game or are we just so self-absorbed that we really don't care about anyone but us?