Monday, April 27, 2015

Light Info.

Okay, as many of you have heard by now, the lights in Jasper Co. May be down for a while.

A main transmission line is down.

There are some estimates there might not be power before 5pm tomorrow.

These are all stories and hopefully, power will be restored before that time.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Watch the Weather

Watch the weather over the next 24-48 hours folks. We are already under a flood watch and if last week is any indication, it could get rough again.

They've already had bad weather in the Houston Galveston region. ( it's bad there as I write this note.)

And also, enjoy the weather over the next few days after the rain passes. It could be our last cool front until next Fall.

Anyway, be careful in the morning commute. The weather looks like it could be bad during that time period.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


This is written primarily to my readers who are under 40.

In 1976, the U.S. was in a turmoil. We had left Vietnam in a disgrace. American had lost its first war ever. 58,000 Americans were killed in Vietnam and there were no real answers to explain why. The war was never " fought to win."

The abandonment of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon was a chaotic mess that most of us will never forget. When we were evaculating people to US Naval vessels, there were so many people on the ships, that naval personel were shoving helicopters overboard to make room for people.

We also had just come through Watergate. The US President was a crook. He had to resign in order to avoid impeachment and pretty much prison.

We were at the lowest point you could imagine.

In 1976 at the Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner gave us hope. He made us proud to be Americans again. When he won the decathlon, he ran around the track with the American flag in his hand. Everyone in this nation was proud. It gave us pride as Americans.

To those of us who are older, are just shocked by Bruce's revelation of his desire for a sex change.

You really had to have gone through the 1970s to understand...

I Can't Believe This Will Be On Your TV This Summer.

So, the FYI Network ( Channel 266 on Directv) is going to broadcast a show called the " Seven Year Itch."

It is modeled on a movie from the fifties starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell concerning a man having an affair.

In the TV show, married couples will live with another man or woman....much like the ABC show, "Wife Swap." However in this show, the couples will actually engage in sex.

At the end of a month, the couple will reunite see if they want to renew their vows, or get a divorce...

Would you REALLY want your spouse back, if they've been playing " hide the hot dog" with someone else's spouse?

I am wondering....what happening if a pregnancy occurs during this ' affair?' Or an undetected STD is transferred ?

The real question is this, are we so morally bankrupt in this nation, that we are now pushing adultery as a form of entertainment?

I am telling you, nudity, actual sex is going to happen on basic cable in this nation...and do we really need it? Can't we find decent entertainment anymore?

Odd, Just Odd

I did not watch the program, but Diane Sawyer interviewed Bruce Jenner last tonight on ABC. Bruce better known today hanging out with no-talent step-daughters on a reality show, is changing to a woman.

Maybe it is just me, but it shocked me.

40 years ago, Bruce was the greatest male athlete in the world. He won the gold medal in the decathlon. ( Ten events ) Bruce was on the box of Wheaties. All women wanted to be with him. He had male model looks. He could have " done" any female he wanted. Psychologically, I personally would have gone nuts. Guys like me who are not sex symbols would have gone crazy...

It just shows you how unhappy some people really are.

And he married into that no talent bunch.....that shows me problems there...


You do not know what people want in their lives, and you know he's been to teams of psychiatric council before he made this decision to slice his " parts" off.

And even with the parts off, he may still be attracted to women?

I don't get it. But then, I am happy with my parts...

Friday, April 24, 2015

P#ssing on Veterans??

So, the Zeta Beta Tau Chapters from Univ. Of Florida and Emory University are being accused of pissing on, pouring beer on, spitting on, wounded veterans at a retreat in Panama Beach.

They even tore American flags off vehicles.


Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these guys?

What is wrong with these frats?

Are they so rich, so spoiled they think they can do whatever?

Is it time to do away with the frat/sorority system? ( I know there are good ones)

I know ZBT is traditionally a Jewish frat, but there are other denominations within the frat.

I am just appalled.

Inbred Jug-Eared Goober

Inbred Jug-Eared Goobers in Great Britain are about to have another child.

Prince Kate, William's wife, if you didn't know, is knocked up again. I do not think she has eaten since she got married. She really doesn't look pregnant.

The sole function of the wife of the King or the King to be, is to "deliver an heir and a spare. "

She is due anytime.

Our luck, she'll domino about the time we get to London.

That means the areas we plan to go to will be packed with well wishers and or nitwits.

A General Election in London while we are there ( cool, way cool) but another Royal Baby?