Friday, March 24, 2017

137 People

I get behind of many things, and sadly, I procrastinate on a large number of things. And at this point in my life, I probably should be on top of stuff, but sadly, I am not.

When and I receive a request for " friendship" on Facebook, I often ask some of you about accepting the request. This is true if I have not taught the person, and many times I just leave them in limbo.

We are not talking about these "models" or "actresses" or whatever they are, females, often young,  who send requests. These people are deleted at once.

I added up the people I have in " limbo" and the number, as of Noon on Friday, March 24, 2017 is 137. Many, I have taught.

This weekend, I am going to make a call on these people. Delete or " friend."  Who knows, I may need to delete some of the people who are " friends" on Facebook. Some, I can't remember who they are, or why they were friended to begin with.....and then, there are a couple of people I may send friend requests to. They are people who read the blog regularly, and well, they might be afraid of sending a request....who knows, they may not " friend" me....and that's okay too....

And once again, thank you for read the blog. 

That's Bad, That's Bad....That Might Be Good

I put my schoolteacher cap on from time to time and do things I would do when I would be teaching school.

This is on of those times.

Sears  is dead. It is a matter of time before they shut the doors, The leadership even said this on Wednesday. They are $3.3 billion in debt. They lost a billion dollars last year.

They are selling off bits and pieces. Earlier this year, they sold Craftsman tool. Kenmore appliance is on the market, as is Diehard battery and auto. Once these are gone, they are toast.

Then there are the vendors who sell goods to Sears. Many will not sell goods to Sears without first getting paid. Others have already shut down the 2nd and 3rd shift of workers who make goods for Sears. Finally, insurers will not sell insurance to Sears' vendors in case they are not paid.

Sears, THE department store of my childhood. The Sears who sent out the Christmas " Wish Book" every year will soon close their doors. Sad, just sad.

Then, I see that Payless Shoe will file bankruptcy this coming week.

I can't remember the time I ever bought anything from Payless, but I know some parents who were able to put shoes on their kid's feet every year because of them.

Once again, the internet, Walmart, other factors have killed Payless.

Finally and pay attention here.

There is going to be a glut of used cars this year. Over a million than in years in the past.

Three years ago was a huge year for car leases by the auto industry. Especially Ford, and luxury car makers. ( We're talking German cars here.)

Might be a time to look for a bargain. Many of these car might be still have a year or two of warranty. Might be time to see if a second-hand BMW or Mercedes with low miles is in your future. ( Sorry not a lot a pickups, and even if, trucks are always in demand.)

I wonder if it is time to look for me a Volvo?

Already I receive PM messages from people who think I am half a Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Trotskyite...kiss my ass, I voted GOP before you were born.

Once again, as I have told you folks, I have been different my entire life. I have never really " fit-in" and I receive notes from many of you who feel the same way.

Sooooo, a second-hand VC-60? Or a trip to Ireland?

 Slán leat..Is as na Stáit Aontaithe mé!

 May write a blog on the Health Care bill later today. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So, the Gays are Taking Over Texas A&M?

I am sure UT-Austin alumni are saying, " We suspected it all along."

So, Texas A&M elected their first openly gay Student Government President.

Trouble is, the election is not without controversy. The winner of the election was disqualified for not reporting all of his campaign expenses. The election appeals committee is run by members of the student body, not the members of the A&M Administration, nor the university's faculty.

Thus enters former Texas governor, now Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Sec. Perry wrote a long opinion, published in the Houston Chronicle about the election at his  alma mater, Texas A&M saying the decision was made is the name of diversity.

I do not know what was behind the decision of the appeals committee, nor do you.

But three things come to mind.

1. Mr. Perry is now Sec. of Energy... is the job so ' nothing" he has time to concern himself with a student government election, and election in which most college kids couldn't care one way or the other? I did not vote in any college government or homecoming queen or any other the end, they are not going to effect the everyday life of the average student.
BTW- A little known fact is that the Dept. of Energy is a major player in American security. It is charged with maintaining US nuclear weapons and finding and destroying "loose nukes" world-wide. 

2. Old Ags die hard. Texas A&M is very conservative school, and grads are very conservative in their lives. A gay president of their college is close to the " end of time" in their minds. 

3. Robert McIntosh, whose election was overturned, is the son of a prominent Republican fundraiser in Dallas who campaigned for Donald Trump during his presidential election.  Could it be,showing support is what Rick Perry is doing in order to curry favor with someone he may need money from in any future political endeavors he may decide to pursue.

Just something to think about on a Thursday afternoon...

You're Going to be Old One Day....

I often tease about me setting up a gofundme account so my wife and I can "go to Ireland either Business or First -Class."

But in truth, I have a serious problem asking people for money. I would not make a very good businessman.

And I know there are a couple of you who have urged me to sent up an account....maybe I will...probably won't...

But I am going to ask you to consider this if you would please.

In the latest Federal Government  budget, the Meals-on-Wheels program is losing funding. From what I read, all funding.

Meals-on-Wheels provides once a day, a good nutritious meal to Senior adults.

To many of these Seniors, it is the one actual meal they will eat a day. In many cases, the person who delivers the meals is the only person the Senior will see, perhaps all week.

If you have an extra couple of dollars, I ask you to donate to this organization.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Coming to a Church Near You?

I am going to try and write  blog and not lose a number of you. I realize You have not sat through Church History or Theology in the seminary. I hope I do not write down to you, because there are many of you who are very bight who read this blog. Much brighter than I am.

There is a writer, originally from Louisiana, grew up Methodist in St. Francisville, LA, later as an adult converted to Catholicism, and then, due to the pedophilia scandal and cover-up in the Catholic Church, he converted to  the Orthodox Church. His name is Rod Dreher. ( LSU grad)

One day you must go to an Orthodox service. It is as foreign to those of us who grew up in an evangelical church as it would be to them, visiting a Pentecostal Church on a Sunday night...( Everyone should go, you can actually see the spirit.) Let me put it this way, Orthodox Churches, traditional ones, do not have pews. You stand the service.

Dreher has written a book called the Benedict Option. ( Published this month, March 2017)

The option believes that the church has lost its way and must withdraw from society. They must seek out and form a new type of community. We must become like the 6th Century monk, St Benedict and separate ourselves from the rest of society. Dreher is proposing that we as Christians must remove ourselves from America's society.  

This includes the church dropping out of politics. There is even a belief this means to stop voting.

Now, you my say, the Baptists will never do this....

Two of Dreher's supporters are Albert Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY. and Russell Moore, the Chairman of the Southern Baptist's Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee.

They are saying, basically, if we leave the society, then society will leave us alone. The United States is going to go into a new " Dark Age."

There is the belief that since the acceptance of gay marriage in American society by many, the political movement within the Evangelical Church has failed. The next step, remove ourselves like the monks and nuns of the 6th Century AD.

35 years ago when Jerry Falwell started the "Moral Majority" and pushed the church to support and denounce various  politicians and their issues...well, there is the belief that the churches involvment in the political world has failed.

That moving out of the world, we as Christians will become the light for the rest of the world to see, and want to become. To do this according the Dreher, we must be willing to "give up jobs, pensions, friends, family" He is saying give up watching the news. Our 'smart' phones.

Now, I wonder if this is the next " thing" in the Christian community?  I like things based on church history. But I am not going to withdraw from the world and I worry what will happen to people, groups if they start to withdraw. Will these communities be subject to abuse by leadership within the group? Will there be groups living like the Amish or the Mennonites?

Or is this just another passing fad?

Type in Rod Dreher on Youtube. In the past couple of weeks he has been interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and Raymond Arroyo on EWTN, among others.

While I am somewhat isolated myself, I do not see me personally living separate from the rest of American society. I have always said we must be within the world, even if there are things that make us unhappy. Jesus didn't go hide in the desert, he walked among the people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Aw Hell, You Just KNEW This Was Going to Happen in the Schools.

A couple of years ago I raised this concern. I really did, go back and look. I was concerned when the Kountze ISD cheerleaders decided that they would put Bible verses on their run-through and on posters supporting their team. ( Like Jesus cares who wins a damn football game...)

So, the Frisco ISD's Liberty High School North of Dallas, has established a " Prayer Room" for Muslim students to say daily prayers, especially on their holy day, which is Friday.

The classroom that is used for the prayers is used when the class is empty and was scheduled not to be used during that class period anyway.

The prayers are not being lead by a Frisco ISD employee, they are student lead. 

Frisco ISD has used the room in that manner for 7 years now. ( My understanding is the room is available for all faiths.)

Now, the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton is all questioning the Frisco ISD's use of the room for prayers.

This is the same Paxton to supported a Texas teacher who put Biblical verses above her classroom door. He also supported the Kountze cheerleaders.

All I can say is....Hypocrisy.

I have said all along, if you open the door to one religion, all religions now have the same right.

Do a little research and read what the Danbury Baptists said concerning separation of Church and State.

Watch and see, there will be a Satanist group ask for equal space.

Open for one religious group, you'll have to make space for everyone. Slippery slope folks, slippery slope...

Monday, March 20, 2017

So, This Happened

I can't figure out this out. I really cannot. I wonder why people do certain things. Maybe they do not care? Or perhaps they are as I asked this past weekend, people are getting " dumber by the minute." Could be a combination thereof.

I ordered a "Spring-like" sports coat. Brooks Brothers, Golden Fleece, classic 3/2 a light tan and cream "puppytooth," with over-checking in sea-foam green and azure blue.....a wool-silk blend.

Okay, didn't need it, trouble is, the jacket has a provenance.

It belonged to LBJ's Undersecretary of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. Robert H. B. Baldwin. He also was winner of Princeton's Roper Trophy....

Got a heck of a deal on it....if I do not fear losing my " soul and salvation" I may attend church on Easter. And will wear the jacket....

It came today in the mail. And the mail-lady knocked on the door and delivered it.  I had to sign for it. She then drove all the way out to the road and put the rest of the mail in the mailbox.

Now I did not mind the walk. I need the exercise.

But why, didn't she give me the rest of my mail when she delivered the coat? I had to sign for it...

Again, do we just not care? Or are we getting dumber by the second?