Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Me...Still....

I went to Nannie Faye's funeral this morning, and well, not everyone recognized me.

It is one of two things...either you've gotten too damn highfalutin to speak to me, and that's okay...fuck you and the clap dripping jackass you rode in on.....or...

I am a third smaller and don't look like well, the old me. ( That's what I really think.)

I was told today that I didn't " Sound like Mr. Thomas."

That's probably true. The combination of weight loss has probably changed my, I no longer project like I did in the class...I have not taught, well, coming up on starting 5 years.

But, don't be shy. I will be more and glad to see you. Won't bore you with stories, won't remind you of what you did in school....unless you bring it up...

BTW- This morning, it was good to see many of you.

Topless Wimmens.....

Well, I debated writing on this, and I got a really ugly letter this weekend from someone, so I figured, "well, I'm already in trouble....."

So, in Canada, specifically, in the province of Ontario, there was a huge rally of topless women who want to protest three women bicycle riders who were stopped by the police, well for riding their bikes, without shirt....or under attire on.

Hundreds of women turned out.

And like an idiot, I go to a actual news source to read the story. ( okay, while I read about 200 news stories a day, this one peaked by curiosity.) And sure enough, the site had topless wimmens. And they were not ugly wimmens. Anything to drive clicks for advertisers.

It turns out the women bicycle riders were cute.

The trouble is, since 1996 it has been legal for wimmens in Ontario to go around topless.

The cop, just played ignorance of the law......yes sir, he was just wanting to look at some breasteses.

I know, technically in Texas, wimmens can go topless, and down at " The Zoo" and in spots on the lakes near Austin, there were ladies going without tops.

Trouble is, teenage boys, hell, 50 something year old mens can't handle it.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fighting Ronda Rousey

So, the hottest fighter in the MMA, UFC world is a female, Ronda Rousey. Right now, she is on a string of wins, all in under a minute.

Saturday night, she knocked out her opponent in 34 seconds.

At 135lbs, she is the best in the world. Maybe in any other weight division.

Like many of you, I suffer from insomnia, mostly from back pain.

So, last night, I got to listening to the ' skip' on an AM station. ( Skip is where a 50,000 watt station is able to broadcast over a frequency with no other stations broadcasting on that frequency at night, and the station can be heard in most states either side of the Rockies Mountains. The Rockies block AM stations.....the station last night is out of far South Texas.)

The two idiots on the South Texas station got to talking about Rousey.

Both decided that it would be more interesting if she started to fight males at 135lbs.

Trouble is, what man in their right damn mind would want to get his arm broken or brains knocked out for Rousey.

The two " nit-wits" decided that to make it a pay per view winner, the guy fighting Rousey would've able to " spend the night" with her....if he wins. ( I am sure in the deep dark recess of these idiots mind there is the " fantasy." )

Once again, it makes you wonder what the hell guys were thinking.

The fight for one would have to take place in some third world country, like Paraguay or Uzbekistan where the government would actually let the lunacy take place.

The really sad part is, the PPV for a fight like this would be out the roof. ( The old Roman " bread and circuses.")

And in the end, if Rousey would agree, do you really think she'd let the guy even come close to winning? She'd beat the guys brains out.....and then break both his arms....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Chinese Spying on Beaumont?

So, NBC was listing the major areas that the Chinese Government was spying on the USA through " hack attacks."

And Beaumont, Texas was one of the major areas to spy on in America.

Of course it is.

There are major refineries in this area and in a time of war they'd love to be able to shut down Exxon-Mobil, DuPont, Huntsman, Motiva, Valero etc....

What'd you think they'd be spying on us for?

To find out our recipe for armadillo gumbo or what pick-up truck is the easiest to drive while high on meth?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Prayers for the Families

Yesterday, we learned of the all too soon death of a Buna alumni. It always leaves questions when some one is taken early in their lives.

This mother leaves young children and a family with heavy hearts.

Today, we learn of the loss of Nannie Fae. A long time Buna ISD employee who kept generations of Buna students fed.

There was only one Nannie Fae and she will be sorely missed.

I know and consider several of her family members as my friend.

I pray the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob brings comfort to both families in this time of sorrow.

My thoughts and continued prayers go out to the families and friends of both in this time.

Well...Too Cheesy?

In about 1 week I have my 40th high school reunion. I have convinced myself to go.

I drug this out. It now fits. ( Actually, it's too big for my finger now.)

Should I wear it? Too cheesy? Too juvenile? Too whatever?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Once Again, SE Texas Economy....Don't Look Good.

As many of you know, I spend a good part of the day watching the markets, and with it, the price of oil and the businesses involved with oil.

The price has been stagnant. Stuck.

It is a little better today with the price just below $50 a barrel, but the price is not good enough to keep oil companies from laying off people.

Earlier this week, Conoco-Phillips said that lay-offs from their company would continue.

Yesterday, Chevron announced 1500 lay-offs. 950 in Houston.

Today however was another coup de grace. Shell Oil announced they were laying off 6500.

As I have written in the past, this area is tied to oil. We are a one trick pony. There are no other industries...

Even retired teachers in Texas should be concerned. A great deal of Texas Teacher Retirement is invested in.....that's right, the oil industry.